XTRM – Application Development Case Study

XTRM – Application Development Case Study


XTRM is a powerful online action sports network that connects promoters, sponsors and participants allowing easy registration, sponsoring and promotion of/for action sports events that happen anywhere in the world.

Through XTRM.com, participants can register for any action sports event online, check out their competitors, build their sports profiles, win awards in their online accounts and connect with sponsors and promoters. Event organizers, promoters and sponsors can also stay connected with each other and organize/promote/sponsor/advertise events regardless of their venues through online event automation and promotion, online payouts, sponsorship awards and advertisements.


The client posed numerous challenges to Dot Com Infoway’s development team and insisted on building XTRM.com as a powerful, user-friendly and functionally-effective online sports network in the internet world.

Some of the key challenges put forth by the client:


Dot Com Infoway devised a two-phased strategy to meet client’s requirements.

Phase I:

Phase I comprised mainly of analysis, planning and framing of action plan. Dot Com Infoway’s software team adopted the following methods to arrive at an action plan for development process:

Phase II:

Phase II involved execution of the action plan framed in Phase I. The development team implemented the action plan and met the heavy load/transaction challenges through the below means:


Dot Com Infoway successfully implemented the action plan and met all the challenges put forth by the client. Thanks to Dot Com Infoway’s performance tuning and load testing measures, XTRM.com has been triumphantly running the Ford Mammoth Event for the past two years (2008 and 2009) under heavy loads and millions of transactions. The development team came up with a re-designed prototype for improving site usability. (However, the prototype is yet to be integrated into the site.)

The client was impressed with the output and praised the development team’s meticulous efforts at building such a complex sports network.

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