Property Alert – Application Development Case Study

Property Alert – Application Development Case Study


PropertyAlert is a real estate portal exhibiting properties available for sale/lease in countries world over. It helps real estate buyers find their perfect properties abroad or at home through its network of agents and database of properties. The site also serves as a medium for international real estate agents/agencies to market their portfolios and services to buyers.

A meeting place for buyers and brokers, PropertyAlert is an innovative online initiative by a young company called Comsis. With about 15 countries in its network, PropertyAlert is indeed an established leader in the international realty scene.


The client approached Dot Com Infoway for the design and development of PropertyAlert (real estate) website. The client wanted the site to have features that would facilitate easy marketing of properties across continents.

The key challenges posed by the client were:


Dot Com Infoway’s web development team adopted a phase-wise approach and successfully met the requirements of the client.

Phase I:

Dot Com Infoway approached the project in a meticulous, well-planned manner. The first phase involved a definitive analysis and chalking out of an action plan.

Our web development team adopted the following initial steps:

Phase II:

This phase involved the actual development process wherein our developers executed the action plan chalked out in Phase I. We tackled the requirements by adopting to high-end technological means and provided the following in the site:


Dot Com Infoway’s two-phased strategy met the requirements of the client and positioned the site as an authentic source on international real estate properties. The navigable, user-friendly design and search options made inputing/marketing data easy for members. The site achieved PageRank 4 within a short span of time.

The client, pleased with Dot Com Infoway’s cost effective solutions, asked us to create a site with the same functionalities for Netherlands.

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