Download & Earn – Case Study Mobile Application Development

Download & Earn – Case Study Mobile Application Development

The Client

In today’s competitive marketplace, customer loyalty is crucial to business growth. It’s much harder to find a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer. In addition, regular customers often spend more per visit and are more inclined to sign up for upgraded services. If you don’t provide an incentive for customers to return to your business, they can easily turn to a competitor after even the slightest inconvenience.

The client developed an idea to have a mobile application (Android and iOS) and web portal (for Admin) which will act as a Reward App where users can earn reward points and redeem points.

  • Install App
  • View Offers
  • Refer a friend
  • Redeem Points
  • Earn Points
  • Transfer to PayPal

Features of Application:

Easy Registration:The users will follow an easy registration process with their mobile number and OTP verification.

My Profile:

Users can manage their profile information like Name, Gender, DOB, etc.

PayPal Wallet:

User integrate their Paytm account and transfer the points earned to Paytm cash.

Push Notifications:

Users will receive a push notification when a Reward point is added to their account or when they redeem their points.

Refer a Friend:

Users can also refer a friend to the app, using their referral code. Earn points when the users refer a friend.


Users view offers in the app which is added by the admin. View offers -> Accept / Install offer -> Earn points -> Redeem points.

Redeem Points:

  • Earn Points
  • Transfer as PayPal cash


  • Allow users to earn Reward points by Downloading Apps, filling Survey forms, Stories, News etc. and earn points.

Encash to Paytm:

  • To allow users to convert the reward points as cash using to the users Paytm.

Loyalty Program:

  • In today’s competitive environment, just having a loyalty program is not enough. You have to make a concerted effort to differentiate your program from others.
  • The app is obviously differentiating the program in the eyes of the consumers.
  • To launch a digital loyalty program.
  • To drive loyalty from their existing customer base and encourage new traffic into app.


  • Allow users to earn Reward points by Downloading Apps, filling Survey forms, Stories, News etc. and earn points.

Admin Control:

  • To maintain overall control, the app can be managed through an Admin or Super Admin login that prevents unauthorized access.

Complete Security:

  • This app’s API is developed using the Laravel framework with the maximum level of security.


  • The app is designed to enable users to make use of most of the mobile native functionality.

Proposed Solution:

Phase 1:

DCI understood that the Mobile application proposed is a complicated and unique app which has to be a platform which will allow the users to download and earn Reward point and En-Cash the Reward points using Paytm.

  • DCI planned to proceed the development into 2 phases
  • Requirement gathering/Elicitation.
  • SRS and Prototype
  • ER diagram

As planned, DCI provided the Wireframe as per the functionality discussed of the mobile application which when approved by the client, we worked on functional Prototype. This made it very simple for the design team to provide a professional design as expected by the client.

Phase 2:

  • Development
  • Testing
  • UAT
  • Deploying the mobile app to Playstore
  • On approval of the Functional Prototype by the client, DCI started building the Database.
  • Integrating the Prototype into a functional mobile application.
  • DCI run, unit test on all stages to ensure that the bugs are minimal in the testing phase.


DCI integrated Paytm API, to allow the users to convert the Reward points as Cash. This helps the users to convert the earned reward points as cash.

Outstanding Mobile Experience:

How a customer interacts with a loyalty program can often make or break that program. D&E app makes its loyalty program more interactive and more effective. Most importantly, the mobile app allows D&E to make its reward program extremely dynamic. This keeps customers engaged and keeps the program feeling fresh all through the mobile app.


Most of the Reward apps allow users to earn cards for their reward points. D&E provides an option for the users to convert their earned Reward points to Cash using Paytm integration.

The Results

The D&E app is the center of the company’s digital ecosystem, bringing together loyalty, mobile payment, and content partnerships, all seamlessly integrated into one convenient application.

  • The digital customer experience has revolutionized the way that consumers interact with D&E and earn their Rewards.
  • Greggs has seen an increase in customer engagement, downloads, participating in Surveys, etc.

The effort and dedication by the DCI team of developers are truly amazing. The true dedication and highly talented resources of DCI made the D&E app to achieve great heights.

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