FanEazy: Fantasy Team Builder App Marketing Case Study


FanEazy, an AI-based fantasy sports team-building app, empowers users with comprehensive insights and analytics for creating winning teams. Offering historical player encounters, detailed statistics, and AI assistance, FanEazy ensures strategic decision-making for an elevated fantasy sports experience.


  • Brand Establishment in Indian Market: As a new entrant, FanEazy aimed to establish its brand presence in the competitive Indian market.
  • Diverse User Acquisition: Faced the challenge of acquiring users through various channels, including organic, email campaigns, social media, and paid campaigns.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Strategy: Needed a comprehensive strategy to boost visibility and expand the user base, involving KPI-based and events-based conversion campaigns, detailed reporting, ASO optimization, keyword analysis, and optimized campaigns.

Course of Action:

Social Media Promotions:

  • Leveraged social media for strategic promotions to enhance brand visibility.

ASO Optimization:

  • Implemented App Store Optimization (ASO) to improve FanEazy’s visibility on app platforms.

    User Engagement Initiatives:

    • Introduced engaging contests, personalized content, and targeted paid campaigns to boost user engagement.

    Remarkable Outcomes:

    15000+ Install in 2 Months:

    • Executed a holistic marketing strategy resulting in over 15,000 installs within just 2 months.

    Low Cost Per Install (CPI):

    • Achieved a low Cost Per Install (CPI) through effective Google Play Store and social media campaigns.

      Heightened User Engagement:

      •  Engaging contests, personalized content, and targeted campaigns contributed to heightened user engagement.

      Comprehensive Brand Visibility:

      • Successfully established FanEazy’s brand presence in the Indian market through a well-rounded marketing effort.

      Successful User Acquisition Channels:

      •  Implemented diverse user acquisition channels, including organic, email campaigns, social media, and paid campaigns.

      Strategic Decision-Making:

      • The combination of advanced analytics and AI assistance empowered users to make strategic decisions, enhancing their fantasy sports strategy.
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