GarageWorks Digital Marketing Case Study


GarageWorks provides doorstep bike service that caters to all bike, motorcycle, or scooter needs. Over the past three years, they’ve completed more than two lakh services and gained the trust of over forty-nine thousand customers in three cities. With a proven track record of resolving over 2,00,000 vehicle-related issues, GarageWorks ensures standardized services of consistent quality delivered right to the customer’s doorstep. A team of skilled mechanics is ready to visit customer’s home to service or repair your two-wheeler, making it convenient and reliable.


  • Building Brand Awareness and Pilot conversion campaigns: The brand was comparatively new to the market when we onboarded and hadn’t pivoted to conversion campaigns yet. 
  • Customer Acquisition cost: The Average customer acquisition cost (CAC) was high and we needed to increase the volume of bookings and thereby control and bring down the CAC that could help the brand turn profitable and raise funding from venture capitalists. 
  • Conversion Rate: Challenges in converting online traffic into tangible business leads and opportunities through paid digital advertising.

Course of Action

Performance Marketing Efforts:

  • We Initiated Google and Meta campaigns with website conversions as a goal and experimental and ideated campaigns that would best work for the service we are offering.
  • Executed several Brand awareness campaigns for each of the cities we were operating to increase website visits and to create website visitor data to enable retargeting and thereby influence buying behavior. 
  • Making use of heatmaps and user behavior tools to understand how users interact with the website and proposed UX recommendations that make the booking process simple and time efficient.
  • Started running targeted campaigns with intriguing and exciting creatives where we promoted “Free Service” and highlighted the USPs to build credibility.
  • Upon identifying the best working campaigns that started to produce consistent results, started playing with the campaign budgets. 

Results Achieved

Increased Conversions: (From 0.5% to 4%):

  • Initiated Google and Meta campaigns, optimizing for website conversions. 
  • Experimented with effective campaigns to boost conversion rates.

Boosted Brand Awareness:

  • Ran city-specific Brand awareness campaigns, increasing website visits.
  • Established a strong online presence for targeted cities.

Enhanced User Experience:

  • Used heatmaps and user behavior tools for insights.
  • Implemented UX recommendations for a streamlined booking process

Strategic Campaigns:

  • Launched targeted, creative campaigns highlighting “Free Service” and USPs.
  • Built credibility and engaged the audience effectively.

Budget Optimization:

  • Identified and prioritized high-performing campaigns.
  • Dynamically adjusted budgets for optimal ROI.

Measurable Results:

  • Tracked KPIs, observed improvements in metrics over time and consistently delivered 1000+ bookings per month with both the platforms combined. ( Google & Meta).
  • Utilized data-driven insights for continuous optimization.

Building Credibility:

  • Leveraged “Free Service” promotions to build trust.
  • Highlighted USPs to differentiate and foster credibility.

Influencing Buying Behavior:

  • Analyzed user behavior for retargeting strategies.
  • Personalized marketing approach to drive conversions.

The strategy yielded increased conversions, heightened brand awareness, and improved user experience, with a focus on strategic, budget-conscious campaigns and measurable results.

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