Grande Bay Resort & Spa – Internet Marketing Case Study

Grande Bay Resort & Spa – Internet Marketing Case Study


Grande Bay Resort & Spa is one of the best beach resorts in Chennai ECR, Mahabalipuram. The property is set on a beautiful 5-acre stretch next to the beach, and is surrounded by nature, making it a grand and comfortable place for staying. It was established in 2013.

The Goals

The Challenge

After evaluating the results from their previous Pay-Per-Click (PPC) efforts, we ascertained that the previous PPC ad campaign did not generate an optimal visibility or search share. Therefore, the challenge was to create a strategy with new, revitalized campaigns that would lead to a significant increase in business leads & ROI (Return On Investment) .

The Methodology

After an overall analysis of the website, we decided to create separate landing pages for each category, which were to be targeted for the PPC campaign. We then restructured the campaign and added high search volume keywords for each of those landing pages. Based on these relevant keywords, we created multiple Ad copies and included negative keywords which would prevent our ads from getting unwanted clicks. We also included ad extensions like Sitelinks, Call extension, Callout extension and Location extension to be shown along with the text ad.
We also designed bidding strategies that would be focused on average position & ROI. Campaigns are still monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure the continued success. This includes applying short-term ads that highlight special offers for holidays and other occasions.

The Results

We obtained the performance data of the campaign by comparing the results before and after the optimization of the PPC campaigns and the creation of separate landing pages. The following results were noted:
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