GraphWise – Internet Marketing Case Study

GraphWise – Internet Marketing Case Study

The GraphWise project undertaken by Dot Com Infoway’s Search Engine Marketing team proved the efficiency of our Social Media Marketing (SMM) professionals. GraphWise is primarily a search engine.That is, it searches the web and detects data tables in all sorts of web pages and data files. It is hoped that GraphWise will help you find the data you need more quickly, because it is visual. GraphWise does the searching through millions of rows and columns so you don’t have to.Then it “slices and dices” the data it finds to create meaningful plots of that information. Unlike the usual search engines, GraphWise provides every other information in the formof table data. A one-of-its-kind search engine, GraphWise sought the help of Dot Com Infoway to market its brand newconcept called ‘Glog’. The Glog is a graphical search log which creates the graphical representation of any selected input data and allows a user to embed the created graph in hiswebpage or blog posting.


Our primary aim was to promote GraphWise as a search engine and take ‘Glog’ to the internet masses.


Since Glog is a unique and out-of-the-ordinary concept, it needed a powerful marketing strategy to gain online popularity. GraphWise being an unusual search engine, needed a powerful and effective viral campaign to reach out to millions of web users.


The Social Media Marketing team, as an initial step, analyzed the social media, the consumer behavior and the psychometrics of internet users.We researched on what would be attractive and interesting to a massive audience. Our analysis showed that only a viral message which is interesting, informative and useful can stir the social media and attract the attention of users. So, we framed a strategy that would allure users to experience and enjoy the benefits of using a Glog.

Capitalizing on our strategy,we created a series of viral glogs on various issues.We came up with a few of the following viral glogs:

We also promoted viral videos in which we educated users on the benefits of glogging. We made glog tutorials and promoted them online.We also requested many blog owners to embed glogs in their postings in order to reach more number of users.


Through all the viral campaigns and Social Media Marketing strategies, we reaped incredible results in two months time.After meticulous and calculated marketing strategies,we achieved the expected traffic to the site.We also succeeded in creating online brand visibility for Glog.
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