Hands-On Equations 1 Lite – Mobile Apps Marketing Case Study

Hands-On Equations 1 Lite – Mobile Apps Marketing Case Study


Borenson and Associates, Inc. is an American firm that works on demystifying the learning of basic algebra. It offers Hands-On Equations, a supplementary program to provide students with a solid foundation for success with algebra, which uses a visual and kinesthetic approach developed by Dr. Henry Borenson. App versions of the program have been developed, to support the requirements of the digital age. Additionally, the company provides the ‘Making Algebra Child’s Play’ workshop for teachers and introductory webinars for parents.


Impressed by our experience and success in helping apps gain the spotlight, the client approached us to launch and promote Hands-On Equations 1 Lite, a free version of the app for the iPad. The challenge lay in designing and executing a campaign that could generate a buzz similar to that created by the client’s already well-known supplementary program, workshop and webinars. We had to ensure that our strategy would build on the client’s initiatives in the best way possible, and facilitate a successful app launch.


After several rounds of discussion on how to live up to the hype created by Hands-On Equations, our experts hit upon a customized marketing strategy that would promote the app to its fullest potential. Our multi-channel marketing efforts focused on creating awareness, enhancing the app’s popularity, and boosting downloads.


Hands-On Equations 1 Lite secured a #5 ranking among the top free apps in the Education category and an overall ranking of #134 among the top free apps, in the App Store (US).
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