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Hands On Jobs is the ultimate job search assistant and recommendation portal.Create your profile and view the job postings by companies, individuals, and job recruiters with out any mess.Start finding opportunities that will up lift your career and help you achieve your dream job.

The Challenge:

Hands On Jobs approached Dot Com Infoway to promote their Android mobile App version in the Indian region. All they wanted were:

  • Keyword Research
  • Localizing MetaData (App title, Short Description, Screenshots Content, and Long Description)
  • Acquiring new users via Google Ads and Facebook at a minimal cost
  • Improving the number of organic and inorganic downloads
  • Optimizing the overall ROI of the marketing campaigns

Plan of Action:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Mobile Ad Campaign
  • Social Media profiles set-up
  • App Description Optimization
  • Press release Writing
  • Localization

Results Achieved:

  • As a result of the above activities, Team DCI was able to grow the user base to 100K Users in just a month’s campaign.
  • We have achieved the 100K users at a low CPI of around INR 1.50.
  • We attained significant progress in organic installs in a shorts pan of time through effective ASO activities and impactful campaigns across the major social media platforms.
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