HIPSTO – Mobile App Development Case Study

HIPSTO – Case Study Mobile Application Development

The Client

HIPSTO’s unique A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) finds, clusters, and filters all the latest news or information or feeds of the Celebrities/Technology/Business, etc. saving you time because you don’t have to search the internet anymore. HIPSTO provides individual apps for each celebrity/business and users to get a regular notification on their smartphones.


HIPSTO is a technology start-up that saw its origins in 2015.

Our vision is to build the world’s most advanced A.I. driven (mobile) information curation platform.

Time is man’s most precious commodity and the greatest gift you can give to anyone. We are here to help the consumer and businesses save time. The media explosion and technology developments of recent years have created a sensory and informational overload. Consumers and businesses are faced with ever-increasing data points on their fields of interest that they can’t possibly gather and process without significant time involvement.

Curation of news or information is not new but advancements in technology such as A.I. and better & faster processing capabilities make it an idea whose time is yet to come.

Here at HIPSTO, we have started chipping away at the end goal, which is to wipe away the concept of “time-consuming” search.

Our journey and quest have started by building a large portfolio of topic-based curation apps.

The client, in order to elevate user experience, asked us to create a robust and intuitive mobile app that will enable users to find information about BTC effortlessly. The well-curated news bits can be consumed on the go and help users to stay updated on latest news or information or feeds of the Celebrities. The main goal of the HIPSTO app is to provide users with regular updates on their favorites, may it be a celebrity or business or technology, etc.



  • Simple, creating a good experience with a cheerful design yet useful and easy to navigate, customer needs on how to understand that technology can help them search and view profile information.

App Reliability:

  • Ensure that the app does not lag or crash when the data is fetched, as the app talks to several APIs to fetch the details.

Proposed Solution

Phase 1:

DCI understood that the Mobile application proposed is a complicated and unique app that has to be a platform that will allow the users to search and view restaurant listing, events, provide reviews, redeem points, etc.

  • DCI planned to proceed the development into 2 phases
  • Requirement gathering/Elicitation.
  • Wireframing and Prototype.

As planned, DCI provided the Wireframe as per the functionality discussed of the mobile application which when approved by the client, we worked on functional Prototype. This made it very simple for the design team to provide a professional design as expected by the client.

Phase 2:

  • Development
  • Testing
  • UAT
  • Deploying the mobile app to Playstore
  • Integrating the Prototype into a functional mobile application.
  • DCI run, unit test on all stages to ensure that the bugs are minimal in the testing phase.

The Results

The client is happy and proud to join hands with DCI in developing a mobile application that has provided a satisfactory app for their end-users. The client is happy with the UI/UX which is professional and provides easy navigation. The app is also seeing major upgrades to provide users with more functionality which would make them get more information and keep them engaged.

The effort and dedication by the DCI team of developers are truly amazing. The true dedication and highly talented resources of DCI made the HIPSTO app to achieve its great heights.

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