ILTSource – Internet Marketing Case Study

ILTSource – Internet Marketing Case Study

Independent Living Technologies is dedicated to providing an invaluable resource for people with disabilities by offering competitively priced quality assisted living technology and products. It offers products on assistive technology in categories such as Communication, Vision, Mobility, Furniture, Workstations, Software, Learning and more.


Increase the sales and traffic to fully capitalize the online demand on products for disabled. ILTSource brief to web optimizer was to increase the site visibility for higher priority categories and products such as communication, education, vision where the cost per click will be very high. This would involve researching new opportunities in order to attract traffic and market the products.


The team of expert optimizers carried out a research to identify the search terms for the site and devise a strategy to increase site positioning for the competitive keywords and increase the performance. Next the optimizers included the external link strategy and their proven marketing strategy by which they have shown a tremendous increase in the site performance in organic search result and also in increasing the sales through online marketing.


Independent Living Technology experienced a raise in their phone calls, sales and traffic with the first two months. The client has experienced 25% increase in profit and sales compared to previous month. That is what makes this website successful.
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