Infinity Heart Health – Website Development Case Study

Infinity Heart Health – Website Development Case Study

The Client

Infinity Heart Health is a digital health solution provider that is focused on improving patient outcomes by integrating technology in healthcare. The company ensures higher treatment quality for patents by enabling compliance and better engagement between patients and healthcare professionals. The company provides clinicians and hospital administrators with critical data that helps them make informed decisions, leading to reduced costs and better patient outcomes. Their product is an FHIR/SMART platform based on cutting-edge technology, such as AI, analytics, and cloud computing, and benefits every stakeholder in the healthcare industry through automation and free and easy exchange of invaluable information.


Infinity Heart Health wanted to develop a website to provide information and help users who require chronic care. The client wished to have the following sections on the website:
  • Chronic Care Management
  • Connected Care Solution
  • Personal Care


The client wanted an attractive website with a simple, static UI to provide information on Chronic Care Management, Chronic Care Solution, and Personal Care. The client needed a strong back-end admin panel to manage the static contents of the website.


  • To provide a professional and elegant design.
  • Responsive design to allow the users to access the website across all mobile native browsers.
  • Create a user-friendly and engaging website that holds the attention of the users.
  • Quick navigation options to provide the users with the information they want in a jiffy.


To match the needs of the client, DCI decided to use WordPress as the web development platform to ensure that the site is user-friendly and provides patients with the information that they need easily and quickly.


DCI chose WordPress as the web-development platform for the following reasons:

  • WP provides pre-designed mobile-responsive templates that can be easily customized according to your requirements.
  • It includes several pre-built modules that can be enabled or disabled for better functionality.
  • User-friendly, comprehensive back-end with distinct modules to manage the overall content of the site.
  • WP is a safe platform that ensures only authenticated users can update content and media on the website through the site’s control panel.
  • Offers great security options.
  • All sensitive data pulled from the website is encrypted before being stored in the database.
  • The website design and content formatting follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) set down by the W3C to make the content more accessible to people with disabilities.
  • WordPress, as a CMS, is a scalable system that allows further expansion through its customizable plugins and modules.

The Results

DCI created a visually stunning, secure, and easy to navigate website for Infinity Heart Health that was much appreciated by the client.
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