Irehab – Internet Marketing Case Study

Irehab – Internet Marketing Case Study


Irehab offers specific and customized solutions to one of the most widespread of medical issues – back pain. It is an interactive platform which allows doctor/ physical therapist to deliver customized follow-ups on long term back pain treatment plans to patients within minutes. Irehab possess video library that contains animated videos of anatomically and biomechanically proved exercises, which are shot from multiple angles to facilitate complete understanding of the physical therapies involved in treatment of back pain.


Irehab has come up to Dot Com Infoway to generate buzz, increase traffic and create awareness in the social media world and the blogosphere. Since Irehab is a new and unique concept, our Social Media Marketing team had a tough challenge ahead of them.


Our team of online marketing strategists and social media experts carried out research on various social marketing campaigns and explored all possible aspects of promotions that would help increase the brand image and the internet presence of the website. We targeted communities relevant and appropriate to Irehab and reached out the prospective Irehab users through various means in the social media space. This helped us gain referral traffic to the website. To improve the website traffic as well as the brand awareness, we have suggested blog reviews. With our research and analysis, we have received awesome reviews from sites like KillerStartup and BoardofInnovation etc which helped us brand the Irehab website in the niche as well as improve the referral traffic to the next level by which we managed to bring a good number of conversions to the website.

Result showed a considerable improvement in its conversion rates and traffic within the first two months. The client was very happy with the way the things had progressed and experienced a reasonable increase in their profit compared to the previous months. Through a string of successful strategies, we made a brand-new website with an innovative concept into a lucrative business.
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