Join-a-Ride – Mobile Application Development Case Study

Join-a-Ride – Mobile Application Development Case Study


Testra approached Dot Com Infoway to create apps that enabled users to share taxi rides. The purpose of creating these apps was to inform users about created taxi rides around her/him along with a choice to join them. Users can also choose to create new taxi rides and allow other users to join the shared ride. The challenge was to design and develop highly functional apps which ensured immediate and convenient usability.


Dot Com Infoway’s development team approached the project with a two-phased strategy.

Phase I: Ride creation, and ride joining

Phase I comprised mainly of creating a ride by the user and wait for others to join the shared ride. Also to make the created rides to be visible to users along with the conditions to be satisfied by the ride creator; and the user is allowed to join with the ride they selected, if the creator’s condition was satisfied.

Phase II: Chat communication and complaint report.

Phase II saw the implementation to make the communication between the users, who all are joined with the respective ride. To make the users to chat between them by sending text and voice messages to transfer information about the ride they are going to share.Complaint report is to make the complaint about the other users by a user, if they got irritated or getting any wrong information or others. The user can complaint even within the chat window or in the ride history. The user can also give the general feedback about the application.


Testra limited was impressed with DCI’s development methodology. A great partnership created during the successful development of the first apps for Testra limited, Join-a-Ride strengthened the foundation for many other similar app development projects. Our expertise on the iOS platform allowed us to develop apps that perfectly match the client’s requirements. The client hires our services time and again and we are proud to continue working on their project.
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