Case Study: Logas App Marketing Success


Logas is a groundbreaking wholesale marketplace, dedicated to simplifying business transactions for retailers in the mobile, computer, and mobile accessories industry. As a B2B app, Logas acts as the intermediary connecting manufacturers/suppliers with retailers, fostering a seamless and profitable business model to facilitate growth.


  • Reaching Target Audience: The primary challenge was reaching Indian retailers involved in the sale of mobiles, computers, and mobile accessories.
  • Acquiring Retailers in Major Indian Cities: Another challenge was to rapidly acquire a significant number of retailers in major Indian cities within a short time frame.
  • Engaging Users to Increase Orders: Engaging retailers to place more orders through the Logas app posed a critical challenge for maximizing business growth.

Comprehensive Marketing Solution:

Dot Com Infoway (DCI) implemented a comprehensive app marketing strategy tailored to the unique challenges faced by Logas. The strategy included:

  • App Store Optimization (ASO): Optimizing the Logas app on various app stores to enhance visibility and discoverability among the target audience.
  • User Engagement Activities: Implementing initiatives to keep users actively engaged with the Logas app, encouraging regular usage, and fostering a sense of community.
  • Targeted Paid Campaigns: Deploying targeted paid campaigns to reach the desired audience efficiently and drive app installations.

Remarkable Outcomes:

Through a synergistic approach, Dot Com Infoway achieved remarkable outcomes for the Logas app within a short period:

  • Substantial User Base Growth: DCI successfully acquired over 10,000 registered retailers in Tier 1 cities within just two months, showcasing the efficacy of the marketing strategy.
  • Cost-Effective Acquisition: The cost per registered retailer was approximately INR 20, demonstrating cost-effectiveness compared to industry standards.
  • Improved Order Numbers: The number of orders on the Logas app saw a significant improvement through effective re-targeting and user engagement activities.
    The results indicate that the strategic marketing initiatives not only addressed the challenges presented but also contributed to the rapid and cost-efficient growth of Logas in the competitive B2B wholesale market.
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