Mainstreet Commerce – Application Development Case Study

Mainstreet Commerce – Application Development Case Study


Mainstreet Commerce provides the following major components which facilitate developing complete eCommerce solutions quickly.

Mainstreet Commerce BusinessFlow

Mainstreet Commerce BusinessFlow, being a flexible web interface to the database, allows configuring products, categories, catalogs, etc. BusinessFlow allows creating and managing inventory, customers and orders. Users can configure any number of custom attributes (which can be string, numeric, range, XML, attachments and multi-values) for products, orders, customers, invoices, etc. It is a back office which can be configured to fit to the workflow of a company.

Mainstreet Commerce SDK

Mainstreet Commerce SDK provides a standard collection of class library that allows easy interaction with the database. Mainstreet SDK provides a flexible way of querying products, categories, orders, etc. It also allows calling custom created stored procedures.

VB.NET Web-user controls

Mainstreet Commerce web user controls are very generic controls which allow fast development of eCommerce websites by simply dragging into web-pages and setting minimal properties or writing minimal code. These web user controls have enough events, handling which will allow controlling the display as desired.
Dot Com Infoway has utilized Mainstreet Commerce SDK and user controls to develop/maintain more than 12 websites. We provide basic eCommerce features such as.

We also provide additional/advanced features such as

We have developed websites that get integrated with other third party components or services that utilize details fetched using Mainstreet Commerce SDK. Following are the components we have worked on

Integration with eBay SDK
Mainstreet Commerce BusinessFlow can provide seamless integration with eBay by automatically uploading inventory to it. We have utilized eBay SDK to retrieve eBay Feedback score.

Interface with Mercado bFIRST

Mercado bFIRST provides intelligent searching and intuitive navigation. Each product configured in Mainstreet Commerce BusinessFlow is also maintained at Mercado database. Our application will utilize all advanced search and navigation features of Mercado bFIRST – right from the Checkout process, it starts referring to same products configured in BusinessFlow.

FlashMap, Google Map, Yahoo Map and MapQuest integration

Geographically locating stores have become a demanding process. To increase customer’s physical accessibility, we have configured all store locations’ addresses in Mainstreet Commerce BusinessFlow, querying Yahoo Map & Google Map API to get latitude/longitude and finally plot in FlashMap, Google Map, Yahoo Map and MapQuest

Google and Coremetrics Web Analytics

Web analytics is a solution for understanding visitors’ behaviors. It helps to find which page turned a visitor into a customer. We have good experience in integrating a website with Google and Coremetric analytics. Mainstreet Commerce provides a web user control specially designed for Google Analytics which can be readily used in a website.

Dynamic Imaging feature from Scene7

We can place all product images at Scene7 and display them on our website. Scene7 provides us with a flash component that allows displaying image in a way that attracts the customer. It allows zoom in/out and view same products in other available colors, etc.

Rewriting URL using ISAPI-Rewrite

The URLs in the address bar that lead to a page in the website can be made readable irrespective of the actual location or the name of the webpage itself. This is mostly done to optimize a website for search engines. This brings your site in top search engine positions while searching for a product that is available at your website. We also provide SEO enabled website development by utilizing Mainstreet Commerce BusinessFlow product configurations appropriately.
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