moKee Digital Marketing Case Study


Mokee specializes in designing and producing high-quality modern furniture and accessories for babies and children. They have sold more than 30000 cot beds. Happy Babies all over the world. Mokee also places a strong emphasis on quality and safety. Our team of passionate baby room designers created the Mokee collection to stand out for its quality, design, and exceptional value.


  • Scalability: The E-commerce website needed to scale in sales volume on specific products making the best use of festive season sales.
  • Struggled with Lead Generation: Difficulty in identifying and attracting potential clients, resulting in a lack of substantial leads.
  • User Experience Issues: Challenges related to user engagement, page speed, and overall performance on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).
  • Challenges in translating online traffic into concrete business leads and opportunities through paid digital advertising efforts.
  • The Conversion Rate has to be increased. as it was initially at 0.5% before engaging with our services.

Course of Action:

Scalability Enhancement:

  • Targeted marketing campaigns during festive seasons for specific products.
  • Strengthened website infrastructure for increased sales volume.

SEO Optimization:

  • Conducted SEO audit and implemented strategies for improved rankings.
  • Regularly updated content and enhanced website performance.

Paid Digital Advertising: (Google & Meta Shopping Ads)

  • Reviewed and optimized existing campaigns for better targeting.
  • Created compelling ads and monitored performance metrics.

Conversion Rate Optimization:

  • Analyzed user behaviour and implemented A/B testing.
  • Introduced promotions and retargeting strategies.

Results Achieved: Increased Conversions: (From 0.5% to 5%)


  • Significant sales increase during targeted promotions.
  • Improved website infrastructure for seamless customer experience.

SEO Optimization:

  • Higher rankings and improved organic traffic.
  • Enhanced user engagement on the website.

Paid Digital Advertising: (Google & Meta Shopping Ads)

  • Improved click-through rates and conversions.
  • Optimized ad spend for better ROI.

Conversion Rate Optimization:

  • Increased conversion rate from 0.5% to 5% & above.
  • Streamlined conversion process with promotions/offers and A/B testing.
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