The BugsBee Social Networking App

The BugsBee Social Networking App Case Study


Social Networking apps have come a long way. From bulletin boards to Craigslist to social networking websites to mobile apps, people are constantly looking for social networking apps they can trust. Usually, a social networking app brings a bridge between two people who are away from each other.

Bugsbee is a unique and one of a social networking mobile application that meets all types of user preferences and needs. Bugsbee is a great social networking tool for people looking for social events such as concerts, theaters, and sports. Bugsbee is also a wonderful tool for people who are just looking for someone to do fun activities with. Simply, Bugsbee can make things happen for you. With its unique features, no other social networking mobile application compares to Bugsbee. Say goodbye to countless swiping and messaging, and hello to meeting great people anytime, anywhere.

How is BugsBee different? Any user can be a person organizing an event such as a party or get-together and also can be a person who is interested in joining the party.


Listed below are the features of the BugsBee social networking mobile app:
  • The app is structured around the concept of
  • Once registered, a user can be an organizer and invitee.
  • A user can register using social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google accounts.
  • The profile can have a user’s personal, professional details.
  • The organizer can view the profile details of the invitee, chat online with them, and send them an invite for the event.
  • The invitee can view the information of the event like venue, date, location, duration.
  • The invitee can send friend requests to the organizer.
  • Both users can have their favorites. There are dedicated “Favorite me” and “My favourites” buttons.


The following challenges were encountered on the way to building the social networking mobile app:

  • TSearch: Searching based on the matches between the hosts and the dates involving multiple parameters such as interests, just to name a few.
  • UI/UX: The user interface and the user experience needed to cater to both the hosts and the dates with the look and feel that would make both the parties comfortable and even enjoy a sense of belonging.

Proposed solution

The secret behind the success of every project is clear and unmitigated communication between our development team and the client. To ensure that everybody is on the same plane, we decided to take on the challenges and responsibilities of the project in two phases, described below.

Phase 1

Dot Com Infoway understood that this mobile application development project is a unique platform catering to two parties of varied interests: hosts and dates. Consequently, we need to understand the expectations and aspirations of both hosts and dates to bring the BugsBee application tourists to its successful fruition.

The first phase involved

  • Requirement gathering/elicitation: This involved completely understanding what was expected of the mobile app. What are the features? What those features must lead to? What should be the end result?
  • Wireframing and prototyping: These are prepared to give a visual idea of how the various screens and elements of the mobile app are going to gel together and transition from one section to the other. This is like using the actual app, but on the paper or on the graphic screen rather than the actual mobile app.
  • Preparing the ER diagram: Establishing relationships between the various functions of the mobile app and the associated database and its tables.

Phase 2

Whatever information we have gathered in phase 1, we use it to start laying the bricks of the structure of the mobile app. Phase 2 involves

  • UI/UX design: Based on the wireframe, our graphic designers and mobile app designers created the look and feel of the mobile app that would be a charm to use both for the hosts and the dates.
  • Programming and development: The coding was done in an optimized form using the latest mobile app development tools to leverage maximum benefit from contemporary technologies.
  • UAT: User acceptance testing was conducted at multiple, but crucial stages, so that in case some disparities were creeping in, they could be nipped in the bud and the right course of action could be taken.
  • Integrating database: The stability of the database was of prime importance because every valuable information would be derived from the database. We ensured through database integration with the interface of the mobile app
  • Testing at the DCI side: We repeatedly did testing of the mobile app on our own side according to our own, indigenous benchmarks.
  • Deploying the mobile app: Finally, the mobile app was deployed both on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

How we approached the challenges

As mentioned above, when designing and building the social networking mobile app, we faced challenges from three aspects, namely, search, UI/UX, and security. This is how we approached them:

  • Search: We took advantage of the latest search technology to make sure that there were exact matches between the hosts and the dates. Searching based on location and profile preferences from within the database was one of the most pressing needs of the social networking mobile app, which we were able to meet.
  • UI/UX: The mobile phone interface needed to be short and simple. It also needed to be impressive in terms of packaging and experience. We also ensure that the interface functioned smoothly on different screen sizes and on multiple devices because both posts and dates may use a wide array of devices.
  • Security: Advanced encryption was used to protect confidential data of both posts and dates. Monetary transactions take place with the highest level of security. Features have been incorporated within the code to protect the users from threats and vulnerabilities.


The client is extremely happy with the results of the BugsBee social networking app. They received full support from Dot Com Infoway in terms of consultations, interface design and programming, and even deployment and implementation. Because of the excellent work done by DCI, the mobile app can achieve the following:

  • Users can easily search as organizer and invitee based on recent activities and a selection of other criteria.
  • The usability and the overall experience of the mobile app are so well received that it is fast gaining acceptance among its core user base.
  • The users can easily upload photos and videos and browse through them based on tags and preferences.
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