Wear Reader – Mobile Apps Marketing Case Study

Wear Reader – Mobile Apps Marketing Case Study


Jacoh LLC is an American firm looking to push the boundaries of technology. Jacoh is dedicated towards optimizing technology to enhance the experience of reading and make it more enjoyable and accessible in a modern world. In addition to doing consulting and development for iOS, Android and Web applications, Jacoh is actively pursuing research into the futures of computing and electronic collaboration.


Jacoh approached Dot Com Infoway to promote its product as Apple Watch app marketing apps for Apple Watch as well as iPhone and Android devices. The company wanted


Dot Com Infoway used a two-pronged strategy to meet this challenge.

Phase I

Phase I comprised of analysis of the requirements of the client and strategizing how to achieve them in the most efficient manner.
Few of the steps taken as part of this strategizing:

Phase II

Phase II saw the forceful execution of the planning carried out in Phase I.
Few of the steps taken during this phase:


As a result of the innovative and sustained promotional campaigns undertaken by Dot Com Infoway, the Wear Reader app rose to number 2 in the download rankings in the Books section of the US iTunes store. Its download numbers showed a significant increase over its previous sales figures.
Jacoh LLC was enthusiastic about the success of the campaign to promote the Wear Reader app. Our expertise on the field allowed us to tailor a solution that was apt for the client’s requirements. The client hires our services time and again and we are proud to continue working on their projects.
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