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As the world’s best mobile app marketing agency, we can help you stand out among millions of mobile apps on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. We provide powerful growth consulting to catapult your mobile growth to a higher level where you experience speedy acquisition and consistent onboarding. We help you to accelerate your mobile app marketing!

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App Store Optimization

When looking for an app they need or want to try, the majority of your users will use their chosen app store. The majority of them might not even know your app’s name, and they’ll look up the features and functionalities it offers. Being the Best Mobile App Advertising Company, we can assist you with setting up and maintaining your listings through App Store Optimization Services (ASO Marketing) so that your app has improved in ASO ranking and your consumers can find your app when they need it on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. You may raise the app engagements and app retention rates with the assistance of performance marketing agency services.

Growth Marketing

You don’t want your user acquisition and monetization to plateau after a while. When you are in the mobile app business, ongoing growth is the only option, so you will have to use the best mobile app promotion tactics. You can use our growth marketing expertise including powerful marketing channels, and online-based promotional strategy solutions to find new avenues for user acquisition and monetization sustainably.

Mobile App Growth Marketing
Mobile App Ad Campaigns

Mobile Ad Campaigns Management

Managing PPC campaigns on search engines, social media websites, Facebook ads & in-app advertisements on a monthly basis can be an extremely expensive affair if it is not closely watched and optimized. We have access to the needed App store and Google  Play app store optimization tools and experience to keep your advertising costs down while getting more clicks to your listings and your landing page.

Pre-Launch App Promotion

Being a top app promotion agency in the USA market, we will create a positive buzz before the launch of your mobile app so that people are already waiting to download it and install it by the time your listings appear on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. These activities may include influencer marketing outreach campaigns, blog posts, press releases, email marketing, video creation, social media updates and other direct engagement exercises.

Mobile App Pre-launch Promotions
Mobile App PR Services

Mobile App PR Services

Public relations exercises need to be carried out before the launch, after the launch and even when your app has been in the listing for some time. Our expert marketers will help you get featured in various new syndication services and press release websites for maximum coverage and ongoing awareness. Being one of the best mobile app marketing companies, We will do this by collaboration with niche journalists, influencers, bloggers, social media celebrities and press agencies.

Market Research

Is there a high demand for what you are offering? In which operating system do people use the type of mobile app you are planning to build? How are other mobile apps of similar category fair? These and more, are invaluable questions that can save you lots of time, effort, money and most importantly, heartburn. Our team’s Mobile App Marketing plan can help you dig up the most appropriate information that will help you steer your development efforts.

Mobile App Market Research

Success Stories of Clients Who Have Trusted Us

Being one of the top mobile app marketing agencies in the USA, there are certainly more than one success stories. Do visit our “Success Stories” section to get a glimpse of what wonders we have worked with our marketing capabilities. The smiles on our clients’ faces (or their messages of appreciation) are our greatest rewards.

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Why you should trust DCI to promote your app?

  • Need a potent app growth program partner? We are an award-winning mobile app marketing agency.
  • We are a full-service company providing 360° mobile app marketing services.
  • Having our own mobile app development agency with 150+ mobile app developers allows us to get a better perspective of your expectations.
  • Dot Com Infoway has gained recognition for implementing powerful growth strategies.
  • As growth experts, our clients hire us for our vast experience in performance marketing.
  • We implement growth strategies that help you in customer retention and fire up your CRM.
  • We redefine performance marketing with an unparalleled mix of cutting-edge analytics and unwavering insight.

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FAQs on Mobile App Marketing

Influencer endorsements, Social media, and digital promotions using websites are the best strategies. Approaching the best Mobile App Marketing Agency is a great way to go.

App marketing creates buzz & excitement for your new app & unlocks detailed competitor insight to help you get ahead.

They have already established & expansive networks to market your app. Moreover, you get access to great talent & technology.

To increase mobile app user engagements, make quality & fast mobile applications that are user-friendly. Also, include regular rewards & contests to spice things up.

There are many avenues to earn from your app, including selling merchandise and subscriptions, as well as through advertising & in-app purchases.

It involves marketing your app to potential users. ROI is typically measured as the cost-per-install against the lifetime customer value.

ROI = (Gain From Investment – Cost Of Investment) / Cost Of Investment

Also, please find the important ROI metrics below,

CPI = Ad Spend / Number Of New Installs Which Come From A Campaign

LTV (Lifetime Value) = (1 + K) X ARPU 

ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) = Total Revenue / Number Of Users

Outsource to an app marketing agency team with a good portfolio, one that offers highly targeted advertising & has lead-generation expertise.

Our App Marketing Agency Team improve your app retention by implementing effective user engagement strategies like onboarding process, automating push notifications, In-App messages & email campaigns.

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