Amsterdam welcomes Dot Com Infoway

Dot Com Infoway (DCI), an IT solutions provider and Mobile Applications Developer from India, have decided to open a new Sales & Marketing Office in Amsterdam. Conquering the European market from Amsterdam

Conquering the European market from Amsterdam

From its new marketing office in Amsterdam, DCI plans to manage the marketing and sales of its IT services in the Netherlands and the entire European region. Moreover, the company states that the decision to move to the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area reflects the huge growth potential that DCI sees in Europe.

With a base in Amsterdam, DCI aims to further strengthen its ties with European customers and improve its understanding of the European market. DCI announced the decision in a press release.

A competitive edge

Mr. C R Venkatesh, CEO and Managing Director of Dot Com Infoway said, “the new branch office in Amsterdam will help us to understand the local European markets even better, and we anticipate developments in our European marketing strategies at an earlier stage. A local European presence will further strengthen our European clients’ trust in us, and help us give them the clearest possible competitive edge they need. We see a significant opportunity to profitably grow our existing business plus develop new business, and by taking direct control of sales and distribution, we hope to exploit this.”

Strategic advantages of Amsterdam Area

“The Amsterdam Area offers several strategic advantages, including close proximity to the gigantic European IT markets like the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and other near Eurasian areas”, explained Mr. Vijayakumar, Chief Technology Officer of Dot Com Infoway. In this respect, the opening of the marketing office in Amsterdam is an important milestone to the firm.

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