DCI Releases a Thought-Provoking Infographic on Tactics to Grow a Loyal APP User Base

Dot Com Infoway (DCI), a global award winning mobile app marketing firm, recently released an insightful Infographic highlighting the tactics to harvest a loyal user base for app owners. The well-researched, crisp and to-the-point Infographic amply suggests the important role played by various app promotion tactics and strategies in growing an active and long-lasting customer base for any app.

Through easy to understand statistics, DCI drives home the point that the real journey of an app starts not when it is conceptualized, but when it stands to compete for installs, reviews, and higher client engagement with millions of other apps in Google Play and Apple App Stores. The Infographic further delves in highlighting various mobile app promotion tools and techniques that have been proven in enhancing and retaining quality installs.

Well illustrated with several statistical data points and references to various companies from diverse sectors – the Infographic instantly makes a point and empowers the readers’ decision making with respect to implementing app promotion tactics.

“In today’s world, we rely heavily on mobile applications to solve everyday needs. It is a pity that many high-potential apps lose to gain adequate viewership and hence, lesser installs, eventually causing a forceful exit,” muses C.R. Venkatesh, CEO of Dot Com Infoway, “through our Infographic, we are trying to share the trending app marketing techniques to gain higher customer acquisition and retention, bringing app developers and owners at par with app marketing geniuses,” he adds.

The Infographic is a comprehensive guide on various hacks to boost app visibility and installations; a ready reckoner for app developers and owners to consult while drawing marketing plans. Readers are sure to appreciate the highly interactive, lucid, and engaging Infographic, which spills the beans on tricks of raising loyal, quality users for an app.

About Dot Com Infoway:

Dot Com Infoway, an award-winning, CMMI Level 3 multinational information Technology Company, is a pioneer in delivering software development, mobile application and Internet marketing solutions and technologies to business. With offices in India, the United States and Germany, DCI is positioned to become a leader in delivering advanced IT services for your business.

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