DCI’s App User Testing Service Provides Valuable Insight For Developers

San Francisco, California: International IT marketing and services company Dot Com Infoway launches an important new App User Testing Service that helps bridge the gap between developers and real users during the development cycle and throughout the marketing process of existing, published apps.

Premier IT marketing & services company Dot Com Infoway (DCI) has announced the launch of an app user testing service for iOS developers, under it’s app marketing services, that will provide important and helpful user feedback on unreleased and currently published apps.

“The purpose of our app user testing service is to bridge the gap between developers and real users. Developers now have the opportunity to receive quality feedback to improve the marketing of their app and they will immediately know how users perceive their app.”, said Venkatesh C.R.,CEO of Dot Com Infoway

With the new testing service, developers may submit their app and ask specific questions or assign specific tasks for the users. During the testing phase, real users will actually test and write notes about their experience, test the apps functionality, and detail the overall usability of the application.

Venkatesh continued, “The marketplace is now demanding a quality app experience. Testing provides developers with a solid understanding of a user’s expectations – a clear advantage in which they will be able to gain first hand insight from real users during the development cycle, and to further help improve the marketing of existing published titles.”

Concluding the testing phase, developers are provided detailed reporting and analysis which includes results and insights concerning expectations of the app, as well as, responses to the developer’s inquiries, and the general quality of the app from the user’s perspective.

“Also, it’s important for developers to realize that app user testing is not only for “Beta” testing. Developers can also submit their existing app already in the app store, as this service will help them provide new and improved versions of their app, based on real user feedback. It’s almost like, “The Road to What’s Next.”, concluded Mr. Venkatesh

Here’s How DCI’s App User Testing Service Works In 3 Easy Steps:

About Dot Com Infoway:

Recently named, “Best Mobile App Marketing Agency 2013” by About.com, India based Dot Com Infoway, a CMMI Level 3 multinational information technology company, is a pioneer in delivering software development, mobile application and Internet marketing solutions and technologies to businesses. With offices in India, the United States and Netherlands, DCI is positioned to become a leader in delivering advanced IT services for business.

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