Dot Com Infoway becomes an MNC

Dot Com Infoway, a premier IT leader and mobile application developer from India, has become a Multinational Corporation recently. The company now has a physical office in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and plans are already underway for a branch office in California, United States.

Dot Com Infoway is on an all time high on the Indian industrial radar. The company, which has good market share in India and abroad in the Software and Mobile Application Development sector, has reached a tipping point in its corporate history – it has become an MNC with a full-fledged office in Amsterdam, Netherlands. With plans underway for a branch office in California, United States, the company’s growth chart is set to see newer heights in the coming years.

Becoming a Multinational Corporation has been a long term goal for DCI. The company has been on an expansion spree for the past few years, channeling its energies toward gaining ground in the global IT market. It has set up sales offices in Europe for this purpose and has been framing strategies to cater to international, especially the UK and European clients. This Amsterdam office is a reflection of the company’s plans to expand across the European, Eurasian and Asia-Pacific region. The new office will monitor all the marketing and business initiatives of the company in the United Kingdom, Europe and Eurasian belt, along with the other global undertakings of the company.

Speaking about the new office, Dot Com Infoway’s CEO Mr. C. R. Venkatesh said, “This is a stupendous growth for a company that started with just 5 staff members way back in 2000. We have just completed our 10th anniversary and now, we are on par with other Multinational Corporations in India and abroad. I congratulate my Management team and staff for the achievement and hope to see the launch of our U.S. office soon”. Talking about the value advantage the new office will offer to employees and job seekers, Mr. Venkatesh opined, “Now, job seekers in the Tamilnadu need not look for MNCs outside Madurai, in Chennai and Bangalore. We have the infrastructure to operate multi-nationally and time our business to a global clock. DCI employees can pride themselves of the new status of the company and hope to see many onsite postings soon.”

Dot Com Infoway’s CTO Mr. Vijayakumar Radhakrishnan beams with optimism about the company’s growth prospects: “The Amsterdam office will ensure that we gain firm footing in the European region. Our EU clients, like their U.S. counterparts, have come to recognize the advantage of partnering with India-based IT companies. Our new office will leverage this growing demand for Indian IT services and work toward building strong business relationships. We already have long-term customers in Europe and Eurasia. The Netherlands office will spiral our opportunities and help us establish a full-fledged base in Europe.”

Commenting about the U.S. office, Mr. Girish Ramdas, President, DCI added, “We will open office in San Fransisco, California soon. Preparations are in full swing and it looks like we will launch before the planned date.”

Dot Com Infoway’s Sales and Marketing team in Netherlands office is already on the verge of entering into big time partnerships with several leading-edge businesses in Europe. With such tremendous response for the European office, the company is now looking forward to double its prospects by setting up shop in the United States.

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