Dot Com Infoway Delivers An Insider’s Look into Mobile App Marketing

San Francisco , United States – Dot Com Infoway, a leading provider of enterprise and mobile application solutions, Internet marketing and a wide range of other IT solutions, has released its infographic, titled “Apponomics: The World of Mobile Apps.” As one of the foremost thought leaders in the mobile app marketplace, Dot Com Infoway’s analysts share valuable insights in the informative graphic, including number of apps available and predicted revenues, average time spent on apps, and user loyalty; as well as an in-depth look at mobile app marketing trends.

The mobile app market is growing exponentially, according to the statistics. Presently, the infographic shows that there are 585,000 apps on the Apple store, with the Android market coming up quickly with 450,000. Microsoft still has only a small share compared to Apple and Android, at 82,234 apps. Most telling though, is the fact that over 300,000 mobile apps have become available just in the last three years. “There’s no doubt that mobile apps represent a potentially lucrative market,” said C.R. Venkatesh, CEO of Dot Com Infoway. “But the barrier to entry is low, and it’s a crowded marketplace. To succeed in this market, an app developer has to understand the market, and must pay careful attention to the entire marketing process from the initial idea, to post-launch review.”

The market is on a strong growth trajectory and shows no signs of saturation. The total number of apps downloaded now exceeds 250 billion Apple apps, 10 billion Android, and 217 million Microsoft apps. And while many app developers operate on a model of free introductory releases and low-cost full releases, the market still saw $7.3 billion in revenue in 2011, and projections indicate revenues will reach $36.7 billion by 2015.

“The phenomenal growth in the mobile market is indicative by the average time users spend on mobile apps on an average day,” added Venkatesh. “Just between 2010 and 2011, users went from spending an average of 43 minutes a day on mobile apps, to 94 minutes. Not only are users becoming more accustomed to working on mobile platforms, the quantity and quality of available apps is growing as well, making mobile platforms more a part of everyday business and social life.”

In outlining the mobile app marketing workflow, Dot Com Infoway’s infographic takes a mobile app from the idea stage to post-launch. “Merely listing your app in the app store is only the beginning,” advised Venkatesh. “An active pre-launch phase will include teaser campaigns, building marketing buzz, and defining a definitive roadmap for your marketing.” The launch itself may include strategies focusing around viral promotions and specific targeted marketing, and post-launch, app developers can’t let their guard down – a continued focus on campaigns to drive downloads is essential. The “Apponomics” infographic represents an exciting and informative look at what is rapidly becoming one of the most rapidly growing markets in the world of IT. Dot Com Infoway shows potential mobile entrepreneurs valuable insight into making their apps discoverable.

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