Dot Com Infoway Publishes Infographic Explaining HTML5

Chennai , India Dot Com Infoway’s infographic sheds new light on HTML5 – a must-read for anyone in the IT industry.

Dot Com Infoway (DCI) has published a new infographic explaining the history, features, and capabilities of the next stage of HTML – HTML 5. The new markup language is the next stage of HTML development and its release is currently causing much excitement and furor within the web and tech community.

HTML 5 aims to improve upon its predecessors by enhancing the language and support while still being compatible and understandable by current media devices and web browsers. As a pioneer in the information technology industry, DCI has always been on the forefront of developing technologies and already offers HTML5 development for their clients.

Venkatesh C.R., CEO of DCI, expressed his excitement for HTML5 and the effects it will have, “HTML5 is the next evolutionary step for the web world. With HTML5, the possibilities for web usage are endless. At DCI, we are proud to be ahead of the game in offering HTML5 development for our many clients.” The published infographic illustrates the history of HTML via a timeline, from its inception in 1990 to HTML5 in 2009. “With HTML5, the capabilities and possibilities are far more streamlined and advanced. With HTML5 – audio, video, and offline web applications are all improved and updated for maximum use and efficiency.”

The infographic also explains the compatibility with the various, existing web browsers. Chrome and Safari possess a higher compatibility rating than that of Opera and Internet Explorer – which both have a fairly low rating based on the analysis and research data. Research also indicates that HTML5’s trajectory will continue to grow to incredible heights in the very near future.

The most exciting aspect of HTML5 is its capabilities with mobile web applications. Venkatesh C.R. explained the importance that HTML5 will have on the mobile web industry, “Mobile applications are what we excel at. We understand how to create the most advanced apps through our development and work with our clients. Research indicates that by 2016, HTML5 usage with mobile browsers will surge to 2.1 billion. And by this year alone, the use of HTML5 in mobile application development has increased to 78%.”

Mobile application capabilities with HTML5 are incredibly integrated and the possibilities are far more advanced. From extended user interaction, offline capabilities, GEO Location API, and even canvas drawing.

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