Top Digital Marketing Company Dot Com Infoway Launches Comprehensive Influencer Marketing Services

One of the world’s top digital marketing and IT services company, Dot Com Infoway (DCI), has recently launched end-to-end influencer marketing services to help its clients benefit from this user-to-user marketing platform.

Online influencer marketing has taken deep roots in a short span of time, and although the concept of influencer marketing is not new, it has increasingly shown phenomenal results in driving sales for brands on digital platforms.With increasing Internet penetration and social media evolving as the voice of the consumers, brands are identifying individuals with large followings on these social media platforms to be their spokespersons.

“Internet has given voice to a large number of users. These users have experiences, questions and perceptions about a product or service. Influencers, having an expertise in the niche, can largely sway people’s opinion in buying products or services recommended by them,” says Mr. C. R. Venkatesh, CEO & MD, DCI.

As easy as it may seem, partnering with the right influencer, who can give a brand the right exposure and indirectly help increase revenues, can actually be a daunting task.

“Our influencer marketing services are designed to help brands find the right influencers across platforms. We at DCI, conduct extensive research to indentify the right influencers for our clients’ brands, reach out to them and forge professional partnerships and constantly engage with them to monitor and implement the communication strategy,” explains Mr. Venkatesh.

The addition of influencer marketing services will provide DCI a decisive edge in delivering its clients high ROI on their digital marketing initiatives.

DCI has already signed up with an undisclosed number of influencers across various niches and is all set to help its clients drive phenomenal revenues through astute influencer marketing programs.

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About Dot Com Infoway:

Dot Com Infoway, an award-winning, CMMI Level 3 multinational information Technology Company, is a pioneer in delivering software development, mobile application and Internet marketing solutions and technologies to business. With offices in India, the United States and Germany, DCI is positioned to become a leader in delivering advanced IT services for your business.

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