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The client is a manufacturer and distributor of optical lenses and other optical products. They have been in business for 70 years and they have so far manufactured more than 10,000 types of optical lenses and have sold them worldwide. They specialize in glass lenses, plastic lenses, and precision engineering plastics.


Toyotec is a renowned manufacturer of optoelectronics, having expertise in three categories – optics, precision machinery, and electronic technology – lenses being at the center stage of all these categories. Being a global company, they needed a multifaceted website that showcases its gamut of products and services as well as the core values it stands for.

It was decided that they would have two websites – one to promote their core business, and another to propagate their philosophy and vision.


Both the websites needed to be multilingual. The client wanted a grid-based design that would seamlessly readjust elements based on screen size. A contemporary look was required while sustaining a corporate feel. The client also needed minimalistic textual animations that are normally present in modern day websites. A custom-built template was needed over the WordPress framework.


The client wanted an international look with GDPR compliance. They needed the ability to make elementary changes to the web pages and other bits of information on their own. The layout needed to be flexible enough to not to break and automatically adjust if information such as text and images were uploaded that were bigger than the container or of an incompatible format.

The content needs to be database-based so that it can be easily backed up and restored in case of an emergency. Although three languages have already been incorporated, the client needed the scope of adding more languages in future readily available.

Our Solution

  • It was decided that two websites would be built to maintain the focus. Wireframes and prototypes were presented to the client before going ahead with the main websites.
  • One website was built to promote the main business of Toyotec and the other website to highlight its vision. On both the websites WordPress was used as the core framework and original themes were built upon it.  
  • Cutting-edge WordPress plugin was used to enable visitors to switch the languages on the fly and also enable the browser to remember which language has been chosen when the visitor visits the website the next time. A highly well-structured CSS was used to ensure the design structure doesn’t break even when bigger images are used. The website is fully compatible with all the browsers and mobile devices.

Our Results

The people at Toyotec are extremely happy with the websites. The visitors on their websites have increased. There is steady traffic from multiple sources. They are easily able to update information on the website in multiple languages. They can also add sections. All the functions that are available on the PC and laptop browser are also available through mobile phones. The business enquiries from the website have increased ever since the new designs were uploaded.

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