VB.NET Development

VB.NET Development

Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) is an event-driven object-oriented programming language, that can be taken as the outcome of Microsoft’s Visual Basic (VB) mounted on the Microsoft .NET framework. Visual Basic.NET, is the dynamic programming tool to create .NET applications, including robust ASP.NET Web applications, Desktop applications and Windows Mobile applications.

At DCI, after several product roll-outs, our dedicated .NET development team remains the choice of many of our clients, and they like to hire our VB.NET programmers, because they provide the results which matters a client’s business. As an Offshore VB.NET Development company, we serve and fulfill tons of requirements from a wide range of industries.

Our one-of-a-kind expertise had attracted a bunch of global clients, which had provided us the confidence to render cutting edge solutions in VB.NET application development services. We have created a worth working environment with our world-class infrastructure which facilitates a high performance software development environment.

Our VB.NET application development services includes:

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What Our Client's Say

Kudos to Dot Com Infoway for delivering Galatta Cinema on iPhone! Their high-end programming is so effective that GC on iPhone eBook reader reads just like the hard copy – you can flip through pages as swiftly as you would flip the magazine. Also, the high-res images download faster and retain the flashy look. Indeed, I love every bit of GC on iPhone. Thanks DCI!

Galatta Cinema

I’m so proud of this program and what we’ve built as a team, it really is going to set the bar on what’s available for hunters globally. It’s easy to use, fast, pretty much as flawless as a program gets and it also looks really nice. It looks really great – I cannot tell you or express to you how pleased I am with the application! GREAT JOB!!!

David BorgesOwner - iJournal

Dot Com Infoway
4.3 out of 5 stars - 71 votes
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