Effective Tactics to Grow Loyal Users for your App [Organic & Paid User Acquisition]

 September 21, 2016     Duration: 24.57 mins     Presented by : Raja Manoharan


Mobile app retention is one of the key factors in an app’s continued success. Building and sustaining your app’s user-base requires a strategic combination of organic and paid user acquisition tactics. Sign up for our webinar today for a crash course on how to successfully build a loyal user-base for your app!

Key Takeaways :

* Improve the Visibility of Your Mobile App Through ASO / PR
* Performance Advertising (Incent & Non Incent) for Driving Installs
* Build Userbase with Social Media Advertising
* Referral Marketing to grow the Virality of your App
* Driving a Quick Spike of Downloads Through Search Advertising
* Advertise Outside the Web Using Traditional Channels
* Calculate LTV to Strategize the Long Term Success of Your App
* App Re-targeting – Non-Intrusive Way of Alerting Users

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A SlideShare version of our webinar is available here.