Barottas – Mobile Application Development Case Study

Barottas – Mobile Application Development Case Study


Mr.Thilak, an Indian client, approached Dot Com Infoway with his plans to develop an app for his restaurant called Barottas.Barottas: While we all enjoy local street food with family and friends, we at bring the same taste and experience to wherever you are, in the most hygienic form. Barottas (also known as Parotta or roti canai) are everyone’s favourite street food item and different people have it with different things. Some like it with saalna, some with fish curry and others with a stuffing. Our extensive menu allows you to make your own combo of starters, curries and barottas so that you enjoy a new dish every time your order. With over 100 possible combos, you can never have enough of Barottas!


The client’s requirement was to create an app that helps users in ordering food and getting it delivered at their door step. The app had to offer various types of menus such as Alacarte , Combo and Most Popular Dishes, allowing users to make their own combo. We also had to provide users the option to select the favorite delivery location, which can be changed according to the users’ wish. The client’s promise was to deliver the ordered food to users’ doorsteps within 50 minutes – hot and packed hygienically.


The development team at Dot Com Infoway applied a Two-phased strategy to achieve the final goals of this project.

Phase I:

Phase I involved mainly analysis, planning and finalizing the course of action. Dot Com Infoway’s design and development team analyzed the client’s requirements and framed an action plan based on the resources required, the appropriate technology to be used and the time frame needed for developing the apps.

Phase II:

Phase II saw the implementation of the action plan framed in Phase I. The aim was to leverage the best of iOS technology to develop apps that would let users experience music. Our constructive inputs and suggestions gave perfect shape to the app concept. Our core focus on usability and user engagement enabled us to develop cutting edge apps that work efficiently on both the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The objective was to create the kind of design that has the ability to attract prospective users to try the apps.


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