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GarageWorks – Free Doorstep Bike Service

About the App

The foundation for GarageWorks was laid in November 2015. However, after much testing and learning, GarageWorks introduced their 360° Managed Marketplace for Two-Wheelers in June 2017. GarageWorks was founded with a single goal: to make two-wheeler management simple, effective, and stress-free. GarageWorks provides a network of trained mechanics who will visit you at home to service or repair your two-wheeler, making it valuable and reliable. With a proven track record of addressing over 2,00,000 vehicle-related issues, GarageWorks guarantees standardized services of consistent quality delivered straight to the customer’s door.


  • Limited Brand Presence
  • Lead Generation Challenges
  • Low Digital Advertising Conversion Rates

Our Marketing Solutions:

DCI developed an integrated marketing strategy that involves executing Google and Meta advertising campaigns.


By implementing new service booking flow model design concepts into working, conversion rates increased dramatically from 0.5% to 4% which helped to draw in more potential customers and grow the user base. This impacted site performance by addressing engagement and page speed, increased awareness within target industries, and elevated the quality and number of leads. Digital advertising campaigns by Dot Com Infoway were more successful in turning web traffic into qualified leads and paying customers.

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