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News Crew Tracker Mobile App Development

News Crew Tracker

Mobile Apps Development

App Summary – News Crew Tracker is a geo-location and assignment management tool developed and reviewed by journalists and photographers to solve the problem of not knowing where staff are located and what they’re currently working on. Challenges – The client wanted to create a solution to facilitate work for media professionals through a location-based assignment management tool. The main challenge was to create a system on which journalists and other staff remained connected, and could locate or contact each [...]

Taxi ride sharing app


Android Development, iPhone Apps

App Summary – Join-a-Ride is a novel taxi ride-sharing app that saves users’ time and money. Users can find out information about rides around them and choose to join with them or create a new taxi ride and allow others to join them. Challenge – Testra approached Dot Com Infoway to create an app that features taxi ride sharing. The app was aimed at enabling users to not only join rides near them on the same route but also create [...]

Cash on Apps Mobile App Development Portfolio

Cash On Apps

Android Development

Cash On Apps is an Android mobile application that allows users to hunt for the best apps to download, and then rewards them with mobile recharge credits for each app they download. The app is aimed at providing a useful incentive for users to download apps, and get paid for it: a win-win for both the user and app developer. Cash On Apps finds, tracks and filters the best apps from its curated collection of apps based on the [...]

Barottas Mobile App Development Portfolio


Android Development, Mobile Apps Development

App Summary – Barottas is online food delivery app that allows users to choose from up to 100 different combos of healthy Barottas. Challenge – The client approached us to create a pre-paid food delivery app that was not only appealing but also easy to use with over 100 food combinations and convenient online payment options for users. Solution – Dot Com Infoway created an app with a minimalist UI that enables users to place their order in seconds. Users can [...]

ClubJumbo Mobile App Development Portfolio

Club Jumbo Privileges

Android Development

App Summary – The app allows users to enjoy all the club privileges by simply downloading a mobile app. No need of a physical card that can be lost or destroyed. Challenges – The client, in order to elevate user experience, asked us to create an app that would replace physical membership cards and allow users to enjoy the same benefits through a mobile app. Solution – Dot Com Infoway created a very easy to use app that went live in [...]

Parking App - App Development Portfolio

Smart Spot

Mobile Apps Development

Smart Spot parking app helps the users in blocking a parking spot at a selected destination prior to their arrival. The app aims to reduce the strain of searching for a parking spot after reaching the destination by allowing the user to block the spot in advance for an hour’s time upon arrival. This app eases up its users and allows them to have a stress free travel and a pleasant time, as they do not have to worry about the [...]

Mabo - App Development Portfolio


Mobile Apps Development

Mabo! is a simple fun way to discover the stories next door and get connected with new people around you. The app helps to check who’s around you, explore the world & meet new friends, chat and send photos, stick & discover messages everywhere. Learn About Our App Development Services Request for Similar Service

Photo Sharing App Development


Mobile Apps Development

Graffitier is a new way to engage with the world! Tag text, photo or video to your location and share it with users who are, or will be, around those locations! Explore others’ tags on places around you! Use Graffitier to tag your moments in places and live others’ moments around you to enjoy and have fun together! How does Graffitier work? Dot Com Infoway worked smart to develop an app to capture your moments that you want to share with [...]

Magzter - App Development Portfolio


Mobile Apps Development

Magzter is the world’s largest digital magazine app with 9,000+ magazines! Magzter introduces “The Reading Destination” – Magazine reading as you’ve never experienced before! DCI worked in launching the app successfully across different markets. Learn About Our App Development Services Request for Similar Service