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smartspot app

Smart Spot

Mobile Apps Development

Smart Spot App is an easy to use app that allows its users to search for a parking spot even before they leave home. Users can also book a parking spot from wherever they are to save precious time in looking around for a place to park Challenges: The main challenge was to integrate the mobile app with the IoT server and then connect the server to the parking device to enable the users to search and book parking slots in...

onboarding app


Mobile Apps Development

HR Onboarding app is a customizable HR onboarding solution based on the United States HRIS model. Challenges: When designing any enterprise-level app, data security,multi-user access, maintaining end-to-end security in the transmission of data and also designing a scalable app that grows with the organization are the important obstacles. Besides, a user-friendly and responsive interface is very important so that any employee can use the app without extensive training. Solution: Here’s how Dot Com Infoway's app development team overcame the above-mentioned challenges and created...

ClubJumbo Mobile App Development Portfolio

Club Jumbo Privileges

Android Development

App Summary – The app allows users to enjoy all the club privileges by simply downloading a mobile app. No need of a physical card that can be lost or destroyed. Challenges – The client, in order to elevate user experience, asked us to create an app that would replace physical membership cards and allow users to enjoy the same benefits through a mobile app. Solution – Dot Com Infoway created a very easy to use app that went live in...


Mobile Apps Development

Healthinary is a hospital management app that is aimed at reducing the voluminous paperwork generated by hospitals. The multi-user app can be used by the Nurse, Doctor and Pharmacist to move the complete patient lifecycle at a hospital online. Solutions:Patient Readings - In the app, patient readings are colour coded for better visibility. For example, if the body temperature is above 100 degrees, the reading will blink with red colour. Inventory - It is possible to maintain the stock of prescription...

News Crew Tracker

Mobile Apps Development

App Summary – News Crew Tracker is a geo-location and assignment management tool developed and reviewed by journalists and photographers to solve the problem of not knowing where staff are located and what they’re currently working on. Challenges – The client wanted to create a solution to facilitate work for media professionals through a location-based assignment management tool. The main challenge was to create a system on which journalists and other staff remained connected, and could locate or contact each...


Android Development, iPhone Apps

App Summary – Join-a-Ride is a novel taxi ride-sharing app that saves users’ time and money. Users can find out information about rides around them and choose to join with them or create a new taxi ride and allow others to join them. Challenge – Testra approached Dot Com Infoway to create an app that features taxi ride sharing. The app was aimed at enabling users to not only join rides near them on the same route but also create...

CSR School App

CSR School

Application Development, Mobile Apps Development

App Summary C.S.R Memorial Matriculation School and Primary School have been functioning under the auspices of the C. S. RAMACHARY EDUCATIONAL TRUST. The CSR School app has been specially developed for the parents of the students studying in the school to share all the important information with them in an effortless manner. Challenges The client wanted us to create an app that would bridge the communication gap between parents and school management. Solution Dot Com Infoway used a modern and clean design to create...

Rotary Madurai Metro

Rotary Madurai Metro

Application Development, Mobile Apps Development

App Summary The Rotary club app for Madurai Metro is designed to bring its members the latest news, events, and projects related to the club. Only the members of the club can access this app and It is the perfect tool for club bonding. Challenges The client wanted to elevate the experience of its members by providing them a platform that enables seamless communication and prevents any misinformation. The main challenge was to create a secure and easy-to-use app that would disseminate...



Application Development, Mobile Apps Development

App Summary The BTC app by HIPSTO brings all the latest and live news from the world of Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The app, powered by AI-base algorithms, scours the internet continuously for the latest news and compresses it into quick information bits that are delivered directly on the users. Challenges The client, in order to elevate user experience, asked us to create a robust and intuitive mobile app that will enable users to find information about BTC effortlessly. The well-curated news bits can...