Project Description

Penclusive Online Education Platform

About the App

Penclusive, established in August 2023, links students & new professionals with mentors for personalized skill development, bridging academia to the workforce. Started from a passion for accessible learning, it aims to empower users to be job-ready through tailored guidance and support. 


  • New to Market
  • Limited Brand Presence
  • Target Audience Reach
  • Competitive Market

Our Marketing Solutions:

DCI created an integrated marketing strategy that uses social media advertising to increase targeting. Conducted SEO audits and marketing activities, including Google ads, which helped to enhance rankings.


By implementing these marketing strategies into effect, search engine keyword ranks climbed by 50%, attracting more potential consumers and expanding the user base.  Also, the combination of paid advertising and SEO optimization resulted in a 150% boost in website traffic, as well as a 75% increase in overall interaction across the Meta and LinkedIn platforms. 

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