CRV Pelicans Digital Marketing Portfolio

CRV Pelicans


CRV Pelicans is one of the franchises of the Celebrity Badminton League (CBL). With CRV Pelicans being a brand new venture, our goal was to broaden the outreach of the franchise, and get people talking about it. To that end, we set up a Facebook Like Campaign for the targeted audience, which produced a successful result of 1500 Likes within 13 days. We also set up contests within the page to boost user engagement.Learn About Our Digital Marketing ServicesRequest for...

Intima World Digital Marketing Portfolio

Intima World


Intima is a store that sells inner wear, sports wear and night wear from some of the finest brands in the world. As the client had a physical location in Chennai, the challenge was to getting the word of the store out to the target audience within Chennai, and promote the special deals and discounts offered by the store. This necessitated setting up a Facebook Like Campaign and Facebook Ad Campaign, that leveraged the social network’s ad network to generate...