Cherry App

Project Description

Cherry App – on-demand beauty service app

About the App

Cherry App allows you to book an appointment with a beautician or a technician for beauty-related services such as pedicure and manicure, hair wash, facial and other grooming-related chores for which one normally has to visit a salon or a beauty parlour. With the help of the app, one can book the service that is delivered at home. The app is also a good opportunity for beauticians and technicians to deliver the services at the customer’s doorstep instead of opening and managing an entire salon or beauty shop.

Our App Marketing Solution

We provided end-to-end marketing for the on-demand beauty service app but the primary focus was the local market based on the pin code. We did hyper-local targeting to raise awareness among limited communities of residential areas.


The app downloads and sign-ups increased significantly. The purpose was twofold: user acquisition as well as encouraging existing users to book appointments through the app. In a matter of two months, we were able to increase their online booking by 30%.

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