Project Description

TruckBook is an end-to-end app that not only lets you search and find well-paying trucking job opportunities but also offers Truck Maps, routes, roadside assistance, and truck stops. What’s more, TruckBook also offers you a platform to buy, sell, lease, or rent commercial trucks!

DCI planned an end-to-end marketing campaign that included services such as ASO, SEO, iTunes Search ads, Facebook ad campaigns, and Social Media Marketing to make the app extremely popular with American Truck Drivers.

  • As an effort for ASO, the below Keywords got ranked at 1st position,
    • truck book
    • logistics book
    • nearby truck
    • truck repair service stop
  • In a short period of time, we acquired 18K+ US truck drivers.
  • Achieved 10K+ organic users during the initial period of the marketing campaign.
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