ICO Ivyn

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Ivin Digital Currency is an online platform to manage multiple cryptocurrency payments using coins from Bitcoin and Ethereum technologies. Aside from offering its own coin called IVYN whose public initial coin offering is just around the corner (for which marketing services of DCI were used), the company primarily facilitates cryptocurrency transactions between various vendors and organizations using cryptocurrencies. The company offers a software solution called Ivyn Digital-Currency that allows its users to easily manage multiple cryptocurrencies.The company needed to...


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Ethereum Travel Token is a cryptocurrency-based travel service. Once you have invested in their tokens, you can use these tokens to book and manage travel reservations with airlines and car rental services directly, without having to use the conventional payment gateways.When DCI took on the mantle of marketing this very ambitious ICO, the target was to get 5000 ETH Travel Token buyers to pay attention to the upcoming ICO and invest money to the tune of 1000 million tokens...

Cyber Smart Coin

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CyberSmart Coin is a team of cryptographers, programmers, ethical hackers and traders raring to tap into the most "explosive markets" of the 21st century – cryptocurrency. The team is offering its own cryptocurrency called CyberSmart, with ethereum technology. The CyberSmart Coin draws its strength from the trading-profit-sharing model.CyberSmart partnered with DCI to ensure that its ICO would draw maximum mileage out of the ongoing financial interest in cryptocurrency. Although there are hundreds of thousands of investors looking for opportunities...