Infographic: Ad Dimensions Cheat Sheet

Social media marketing is a powerful means to establish your online presence and boost traffic and revenue for your business. However, each of the social channels has defined their own standard for the ad sizes that can be placed in their feeds.

We have released a cheat sheet that will help you get a head-start into understanding the standards set by each social channel – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube – for both desktop and mobile devices.

ad dimension Cheat Sheet

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One thought on “Infographic: Ad Dimensions Cheat Sheet

  1. Ben Brausen

    It’s important to note that LinkedIn ads on mobile are cropped at the top and bottom. The top and bottom 141 or so pixels are chopped off. If you have text or a logo in this area they will not appear on mobile. We’re working with LinkedIn to get this changed but for now be aware and work with it.

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