18 Tips to Emerge as an Effective Leader

18 Tips to Emerge as an Effective Leader


Leadership is an intangible skill. Leaders have to provide direction while leading somebody towards a common goal. Some people say great leaders are born. Let us change that. Please have a look at these following tips, that could change you into an effective leader.

Leadership Skills

1. Accept Responsibility: You should never afraid of responsibilities. A good leader waits for new responsibilities. He/she never hesitates to take charge and accept new roles.

2. Action Speaks Louder: If somebody asked you name some leaders and their qualities that attract you, you would name them and their actions. You can define leadership only through actions.

3. Assess Your Strength: Leadership provides opportunity to use your strengths effectively. To use them, you should know them. It will help you in selecting work environments and work assignments.

4. Take Initiative: Initiative is an important quality of a leader. Your initiatives differentiate you from others. To lead others, you must learn to lead yourself to the front.

5. Risk out of Comfort Zone: Don’t settle yourself to a comfort zone. Take risks and set “stretch” goals. It helps you to develop new skills.

6. Concern for Others: Compassion, generosity and empathy are the vital characters found in a good leader. Exhibiting your dominance arrogantly won’t take you to the leadership position.

7. Have a Vision: You must have a vision to develop your leadership quality. Without a vision you have to follow the expectations of others.

8. Plan Well: Great leaders shine in crises. But that doesn’t mean you should create issues to become a leader. Analyze and plan well to avoid problems.

9. Be Positive: Leaders must have a positive attitude. Don’t let setbacks succumb you to the feeling of hopelessness. Learn to be a realistic optimist.

10. Excel in Communication: A good leader energizes people and guides them towards action. So communication is an essential skill for them to negotiate, influence and persuade others.

11. Maintain Integrity: People will follow somebody, whom they trust. Don’t promise things you can’t perform. Without integrity you may get power, but you can’t lead.

12. Stay Determined: Remain determined and self-disciplined when you face failure. Stay resolute and focus on the goal. Feelings of discouragement will lead you nowhere.

13. Learn to Listen: A leader will come up with ideas. A great leader will consult with his team and colleagues before proceeding to act.

14. Be Approachable: An effective leader should be available to provide direction. Allow your team to discuss with you freely when needed.

15. Provide Feedback: While responding to e-mail, voice mail etc., give feedback as quickly as possible. Don’t put off. Nobody likes to wait.

16. Appreciate Contribution: Learn to appreciate people for their contribution. Thank them in the right way. This will make them to help you again.

17. Share the Credit: As a leader you may have to bear the burden of blame. But when you receive praise, make sure that your team members get their fair share.

18. Be Flexible in Approach: While dealing with tasks, different people have different mindsets. It is the end that matters, not the means. Consult others and plan your way to proceed.


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