10 simple ways to avoid being late at work

10 simple ways to avoid being late at work


We are given a certain time schedule for good reasons . If it is nine O clock that we are supposed to punch in, then at nine o clock we  should be available for duties are at hand. Let’s not this be an excuse for us to be put out of work. Your dependability demonstrates your desire to keep your job. Being periodically late would mean that you either do not take the person whom you are meeting or the job that your doing, seriously. Sometimes just that guilty feeling that you are late or the thought of what your manager might say when you are late may effect your whole routine for that day, affecting your productivity too in return. Persistence of such an activity would call for being on the wrong page with the boss and finally lead to your termination from the job. In today’s world where every person is at war with unemployment we certainly wouldn’t want to find ourselves in this slot. Like how failure eventually leads to success, being late definitely leads to termination. Not being on time for work is a serious problem indeed.
“Getting to work on time” Is that something difficult to do?

Lets look up some steps that can help you avoid being late on the job.

1. Always be aware of your schedule for the next day, try to work out an arrangement around the clock So you wouldn’t be in a rush and wouldn’t miss out on valuable things.

2. Avoiding late night parties or going to bed late on working nights would do you good. Besides a good booze will make you snooze.

3. Plan out your lunch menu the previous night, try to take it from home so you can also be in time for  your  lunch intervals.

4. Pack your work requirements the previous night to avoid the early morning rush. It also helps you think better when you are not under time pressure.

5. Set an alarm,do not set a snooze option you’ll land up loosing track of time once you fall back to sleep. A few  minutes is not going to make a big difference.

6. Try to minimize  household activities,other duties and responsibilities in the mornings by doing as many the previous night itself. Keep your clothes pressed and ready, keys in place to avoid spending time on searching for it just before you leave.

7. If your kids are completely dependent on you, you can use some help from your partner or even an older kid of your own. Make out a chart and segregate the work at home so you don’t land up doing all.

8. Don’t be stranded without gas in you vehicle. Try to fill the tank on the weekend or on  the days off. Always keep extra money in your pocket just in case your transport breaks down.

9. Tryout different routes to work everyday, have a check on which one gets you to work the earliest and the one that has the least traffic. This can also minimize  those little accidents that happen when we are in a rush to get somewhere.

10. The best way to avoid being late would be to leave home early. Always have a cushion time of  half an hour ahead before your actual work time.

This would probably get you to start the day well organized and stress free, with a big smile that will continue till the end of the day.


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