11 Simple Twitter secrets revealed

11 Simple Twitter secrets revealed


Apart from being a site for knowledge sharing and thought sharing, Twitter has become good traffic source for people conscious about branding and advertisement. That is the reason the whole world is using Twitter. Here are 11 simple Twitter secrets which will help you establish your brand when you are using Twitter for branding.


1. Be simple to identify yourself – Your profile should be easy to remember. It is better if you have your company name or the name of the product/service as your username. Branding becomes easier when the username is easy to remember.

2. Make use of the ‘bio’ option to the fullest – The place where you can make things clear and get close to your target tweeters. Use it efficiently. The 160 characters should speak about the brand.

3. Start using smart applications – You should be wise enough to use Twitter applications which help you to stay connected to your audience. Irrespective of the platform, you have got a wide range of desktop applications, web applications and mobile applications. Get the one convenient for your use and start tweeting.

4. Build your credibility – Building credibility doesn’t mean only the number of followers, tweets or retweets. It is all about the information you share and the credibility it has. Followers should see you as a trusted source of information – as an expert’s voice.

5. Be in constant touch with your followers – In the process of branding, followers are the customers and it is your responsibility to constantly stay in touch with them. It is necessary to learn using Twitter replies either via web or through applications.

6. Follow as many target audience as possible – In terms of branding there are two different strategies. If you want followers, you need to follow. It is considered to be the best strategy, but it depends on the type of service / product you are branding and the followers you have in Twitter.

7. Understand the preference of your followers – When it comes to branding, you will be keen in promoting stuff and tweeting some ideas and concepts. But it is really necessary to understand the preference of your followers. It is better to find what they are tweeting and re-tweeting. It is again related to networking with your followers. Following your target audience will always keep you in line with their preferences.

8. You can ask for retweets. Nothing wrong in it – When it comes to viral or really important stuff about your brand, you can always ask for retweets. There is nothing wrong in it. Your aim is to reach as many followers as possible. If the information is really useful and your followers are interested in, then you can always ask for retweets.

9. Always KISS – It is best to Keep It Simple Stupid. When it comes to tweeting, it is limited to 140 characters and you have to be good in vocabulary for keyword rich tweets. Both for branding and information sharing, it is always best to be simple and to the point.

10. Don’t promote. Just share – Tweeting is all about sharing. Not promoting. Even if you use Twitter for branding, don’t just use it as a means to promote. Instead use it as a medium to share information about your brand.

11. Spread your Twitter URL – Twitter URL is something which can help your followers identify you easily. Spread your Twitter URL by having it in your blogs and through RSS.

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