12 Ways to Sharpen Your Skills

12 Ways to Sharpen Your Skills


Recession was a hard time, especially for employees. Working class faced the heat as many got laid off. But most of the smart workers managed to hold on to their positions. The question is what are the things that differentiate these smart people from others?

Self Improvement

The answer is simple. They continue to sharpen their skills even after getting placed. If you want improvement in your position, then you should be ready to improve yourself. There are several ways to sharpen your skills. Let us look at a few

1. Attend seminars: Don’t miss seminars that are related to your field of interest. Attend them, take notes and learn new things about your field. You will gain knowledge about latest advancements, related to your career. It will help you to move in the right direction and perfect your skills.

2. Schedule a time to learn: You should set aside a time to learn. You can devote 30 minutes a day or 3 hours a week to learn. You can spend this time learning by reading books, blogs, magazines etc. Whatever you do, it is important to schedule and don’t miss the schedule.

3. Be willing to change: When the facts change, you should be ready to change your mind. Accept to change your ideas and beliefs, when the world advises that the time has arrived to do so.

4. Be focused: Most of us continue to do, what we have been doing since employed. Don’t get mechanical. Think about improvement. Pay closer attention to details and focus more to give better results.

5. Overcome your biases: Biases affect judgment. While evaluating new information, suspend your biases. Approach it in a humble manner and give it a fair hearing. Remember, you can’t be always right.

6. Work with skilled people: Instead of getting review from someone, who is at the top of your field, collaborate with them. Try to team up and do a joint project. It teaches you better than anything.

7. Socialize a lot: Socializing will help you in understanding the situation better and It will lead you taking a better decision. Share your feelings with close friend or confidante. Otherwise it will demoralize you.

8. Be a skeptic: Don’t trust any new information, as it comes. Analyze it carefully before accepting. Have a healthy level of Skepticism.

9. Play games: At times, games help you socializing with other people and strategizing. Board, Word and Card games help in stimulating the brain.

10. Get motivated: Try to get motivated by the amazing works of others. They may be at the top of your field or past masters. This habit helps you in improving.

11. Be updated: Updating is important for growth. Update yourself with the latest informations about your field. Nobody prefers to employ an outdated fellow.

12.Never stop practicing: You may be naturally talented. But practice shapes you to perfection. Winners say practice is the key to maintain and improve skills.

Everyone in this world is unique by his or her own skills. Our improvement depends on how we sharpen those skills and use them effectively. Try these tips to shine as a successful person.

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