14 Ways to Work Smart

14 Ways to Work Smart


To rise up the career ladder you have to master the concept, “Smart work always pays more than hard work”.  As everybody else, you have 24 hours a day and if you are smart worker you could gain maximum value for your time and effort.The simple tips listed here could help you in achieving this.

1. Have an objective: Everything has an objective. Get clear with your objective, which will help you to focus in a direction. If you are not clear about the objective, without doubt you are wasting your time.


2. Make a vision: It is the vision that comes next to the objective. While objective deals with direction, vision gives you the destination. Knowing your vision is important to charge your way forward.

3. Study others: You could find smart people, opportunities and good resources like great books around you always. You can learn from them. Remember, learning is a never ending process.

4. Know an effective route: There are different ways to achieve the same outcome. You should identify the way that demands a least effect and provide you the maximum result.

5. Avoid being perfectionist: Get away from the perfectionist mindset, if it prevents you from achieving more. Don’t be obsessed about details and specifics.

6. Search for a better way: Never stop looking for an alternative. Review your situation and look for ways to improve what you are doing. Don’t restrict yourself for a set of rules.

7. Ask for assistance: Mostly people like to do things by themselves, as they don’t want to disturb others. That is nice. But sometime, asking for some assistance may get you further than doing it alone.

8. Be patient: Waiting solves problems at times. If you get struck with dilemma, take a pause. It may help you in arriving new solution. Give time for things to resolve themselves.

9. Dehumanize: Find out whether there is any way available to automate things. It is like filtering spam out of emails, feeding your blog to Twitter, Facebook etc., It can help you to save lot of time.

10. Delegate: For lower impact things, which have to be done, delegate somebody to do it. Smart people are expert in delegating.

11. Outsource: It is not possible for you to learn every single thing. If it is not your area of expertise, don’t be reluctant to outsource. Each day, you have only limited time to work. Spend your time in places where you can add some value.

12. Choose your battle: You may face roadblocks while you work. Ram up against the barrier, if you think it is worth the time and effort you need to spend. So in the first place you have to judge the pros and cons.

13. Take rest when you are tired: Taking rest is important to achieve more. You can’t deliver your best stuff, when you are tired. Rest is necessary to work faster and better.

14. Analyze Regularly: Analyze the things you have done in the past week and their corresponding results. Find out the things that are working and that are not working. Keep the former and remove the later.


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