4 Best Content Optimization Tools To Improve the Quality of Your Content

4 Best Content Optimization Tools To Improve the Quality of Your Content


When you think about improving the quality of your content, what comes to mind? Below are four of the best content optimization tools that can help you significantly improve the quality of your content.


1. Readability Test Tool

If you rely on yourself to test the readability of your work, it is highly probable that you will overlook something resulting in you not having the best content possible. In fact, you have likely grown accustomed to your own style of writing and are oblivious to the errors that you make on a regular basis. A readability tool can assist with this. It allows you to insert your data into the tool and will provide you with the results that are broken down by the following:

  • Text statistics
  • Readability Indices

Advice as to how to interpret the data is provided under the results, which makes it easy for you to interpret the final results. The readability tool is great because it also makes his process much easier for you as a writer.

2. The Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway editor is an app that makes writing a lot easier and much more streamlined. It highlights the long complex sentences that you may have, as well as typical errors that are found in most sentences. Each of the areas is color coded that represents the problem that you were having with your sentence. For example, sentences that are highlighted in yellow represent long complex sentences that need to be shortened. Those highlighted in red represent sentences that are very complicated and difficult to read, also making it difficult to follow along. This is a great way to have your errors pointed out before publishing your post.

3. HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

Have you been struggling to come up with an interesting blog topic for your readers? If so, then this may be even more difficult for some than it is for others. Especially those who have already written several blog posts and are having challenges with coming up with new fresh ideas on a regular basis.

This tool can provide a wide variety of topics that are centered around your niche. It allows you to general basic ideas that you can modify based as you see fit.

4. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a great tool for creating quality content in that it assists you with staying on topic while writing an individual blog post. Using the BuzzSumo is simple. You start off by entering the topic of your choice into the search engine bar. Afterward, you will receive data that consist of a list of the highest performing content based on social media shares.

This gives you a better idea as to where you should begin in terms of coming up with new copies for your blog posts.

To conclude, as you are writing your blog posts, remember to write with a purpose in mind. Also, spend quality time and research to each of your blog posts, that way, you’ll provide high quality, shareable and valuable blog posts to your readers.

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