5 Online Branding Mistakes to Avoid

5 Online Branding Mistakes to Avoid


Unfortunately, online branding is an area that many companies neglect. Many brands don’t understand the impact that consistent time and attention can have on a company’s online presence. Some even think that investing in online branding is a waste of money and ineffective at best. However, nothing could be further from the truth. There are many different ways such as internet marketing services, branding services, etc that a company’s brand can be improved and thrown into the spotlight if their online presence is given the right amount of time and attention. Neglecting your online presence can slow your company’s progress. In fact, there are several mistakes that many companies make when it comes to online branding.

 Online Branding Mistakes to Avoid

Neglecting Your Online Presence

  • It’s a good idea to pay attention to your brand’s digital presence. It’s not enough to create a web presence and leave it alone.
  • It needs to be cultivated and developed and this takes time and attention, in addition to a commitment to continue to grow your online brand on a consistent basis.
  • This may require different things according to the unique characteristics of your brand, and as a result, it behooves you to pay attention and cultivate your online presence the same way you’d cultivate a garden. Prune the things you don’t need and pay special attention to the areas that need a little extra attention.
  • Get satisfied customers to post online reviews, and engage with customers as much as possible.
  • Respond to comments and questions to show that your brand is actively involved with its customers.
  • Customer reviews, good or bad, are the substance of your online reputation. Don’t neglect these details.

Not Monitoring Your Online Presence

  • It’s not enough to view your brand in a vacuum. You need to know what’s going on with it. This includes how people are responding to it, or not responding to it.
  • You must do more than post content and check on general details.
  • Instead, delve into all the inner workings of your online presence. You need to have your ear to the ground in an effort to hear what people are saying about your brand.
  • It takes full engagement with your brand to understand what it needs. This may even mean that you should invest in tools to derive this type of information.
  • The right tools will unearth vital information about your brand and its needs.
  • If money is a roadblock, there are free tools you can use to get this information.
  • Your online presence spans far beyond your website and social media, it also includes what others may be saying about your brand on youtube and other places on the web.
  • Make it your business to be familiar with your brand’s reputation and manage it.
  • Remember, your brand needs to stand out. It’s hard to catch bees without honey. Do more than just blend in with other similar brands.
  • Don’t copy what other brands are doing. Find ways to stand out by going above and beyond the norm.
  • Make sure that your brand’s voice and vision remains consistent. If your company has a voice that’s warm and friendly, everything you post should reflect this tone consistently.

Not Using Influencers

  • The right influencers have the ability to take a brand off the shelf and put it in the spotlight. However, this is an area that is neglected a lot by many brands.
  • Working with the right influencers can add credibility to your brand and help it to grow by leaps and bounds.
  • Develop an influencer outreach program and build a relationship with influencers who can be instrumental in helping your brand to grow and improve its online presence.
  • There’s a lot that can be gained by cultivating a relationship with influencers to quickly gain more customers and retain the ones you have.
  • The right influencers can validate your brand and lend it more credibility as well as create a legacy of positive effects for your brand.
  • Brand endorsements from industry leaders are one of the positive outcomes of positive relationships with influencers.
  • It’s an effective move to develop and cultivate positive relationships with influencers.

Lack of Attention to Details

  • Your company has to stand behind its words. Speeches about transparency and trust are null and void if your brand fails to communicate vital information to important members of your company, or mistreats customers.
  • A company that wants to make a difference will treat employees and customers with care, respect, and value.
  • When companies fail to treat both customers and employees well, it affects everything. Word of mouth is powerful and bad news travels just like good news.
  • Fix what’s broken and stand behind your brand’s words and vision.

Being Oblivious to the Competition

  • Be willing to see the world around you and how your brand fits into the big picture. It’s not enough to compare last years financial report to this years. Your brand must go further than this.
  • You need to know how well your brand lines up against other brands.
  • You need to know what they are doing and if your company is truly better.
  • You need to study their advertising and online presence the same way you do your own.
  • This is all vital information needed to stay ahead of the competition, or just to stay on the map.

With consistent time and attention, your brand can avoid making many common online branding mistakes. However, it takes an active interest, a willingness to pay attention to detail and go above and beyond your usual practices and activities. Use everything that’s available to you. Engage with customers and ask the satisfied ones for reviews. However, don’t ignore the bad reviews. Use all communication about your brand as an opportunity to gain knowledge and improve your brand. In addition, make it a goal to join forces with the right influencers. Make sure that your brand is truly transparent and actually stands behind its words and vision. In essence, leave no stone unturned.

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