5 Fundamental Ways to Improve your Website UX

5 Fundamental Ways to Improve your Website UX


As recently as January 2017, there were roughly 1,140, 022, 025 websites that were published on the Internet, according to the Internet Live Stats. What that means is that there is a lot more competition today than ever before.

So how does your website stand out from the crowd when users are searching for information that is provided on a website like yours? The answer? Make sure that your visitors become the center of your overall design process. What this means is that each and every decision that you make for your site is user-friendly and customer oriented.

Below are five of the most fundamental web development techniques that you can implement to make sure that your website stands out and provides the best user experience ever.


Use Simplified Layout Designs

Although web design templates have become somewhat of a trend, they do change from time to time. However, the clear, uncluttered website will always stand the test of time. Nothing is worse than having a website that’s too busy to figure out what to do next.

In fact, the layout design should consider the group of information that your website provides.

Perform A/B Testing on Landing Pages

The best way to increase your conversion rates is to make your landing page more appealing to its users. You can try A and B testing to determine the best layout design for your visitors. When performing these test, the best layout design will speak loud and clear, as the best one will result in the higher conversion rates.

Attract More Visitors with Informative Resources

Making your website a source for useful information has been well embraced as site users spend a great deal of time searching for information online in the first place. Providing easy to read guides and other useful resources can attract more readers as you become the go to site for obtaining useful information.

Create Designs for Multiple Devices

With the increase of the use of smart phones and tablets, many people use multiple devices to perform online research. Often times they may be visiting the same webpage on multiple devices as they’re gathering various bits of information. Therefore, it is important that during your design stages, you consider it’s versatility for use on multiple devices.

Avoid the use of Bots and Provide a Personal Touch

Although the use of bots has made their way onto various websites, there’s nothing quite like that personal one on one interaction. To provide the best customer service possible, it’s the human touch that let’s your customer know how important they are to you and that they’re worth the response from an actual staff member. This increases the users experience, which will likely result in more frequent visits to your website.

Taking advantage of these five fundamental ways to improve your website should result in a noticeable difference with respect to an increase in site visits, conversion rates and the overall user experience.

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