Adwords Editor Shortcuts to Shorten Your Time

Adwords Editor Shortcuts to Shorten Your Time


Ad copy plays vital role in an online advertising for generating leads. Main goal factors for ad copy are CTR and conversion rate. Best ways to increase CTR and conversion rate are Call to action in adcopy and trustability. This trustabilty can be obtained by including trade mark, copy right symbols etc.

In this post I have come up with various types of shortcuts for managing your AdWords account using AdWords editor. I just want to share it with you. You can find the list of short cuts below to improve efficiency of your work.

For window users:

Registered (®): ALT + 0,1,7,4
Trademark (™): ALT + 0,1,5,3
Copyright (©): ALT + 0,1,6,9

Shortcuts for Mac users:

Copyright symbol: use Option-G.
Trademark symbol: use Option-2
Registered trademark: use Option-R

By using these symbols in your ad copy, your CTR and conversion rate will increase. Also these symbols are accepted across in all search engines.

Downloading & Pasting

Ctrl+O- Open account
Ctrl+R – Get recent account changes
Ctrl+Alt+R – Get recent changes with min CPC bids
Ctrl+S – Post changes

Basic navigation and search

Ctrl+Shift+F – Open advanced search
Tab – Move one cell to the right
Shift+Tab – Move one cell to the left
Alt+right/left arrow – Move between the tree and data view
Ctrl+numbers – Jump between tabs

Copy and paste

Ctrl+Shift+C – Copy just keywords or placements
Ctrl+Shift+V – Paste items into selected ad groups

Keywords and placements

Ctrl+Shift+K – Add or update multiple keywords
Ctrl+Alt+K – Delete multiple keywords
Ctrl+Shift+B – Add or update multiple placements
Ctrl+Alt+B – Delete multiple placements
Ctrl+Shift+L – Add multiple negative keywords

Ads, ad groups, and campaigns

Ctrl+Shift+T – Add multiple text ads
Ctrl+Alt+T – Delete multiple text ads
Ctrl+Shift+G – Add or update multiple ad groups
Ctrl+Q – Exit AdWords Editor
Ctrl+Shft+M – Add multiple campaign negative keywords
Ctrl+Alt+M – Delete multiple campaign negative keywords
Ctrl+E- Add campaign negative site
Ctrl+Shft+E – Add multiple campaign negative sites
Ctrl+Alt+E – Delete multiple campaign negative sites
Ctrl+T – Add text ad
Ctrl+I – Add image ad
Ctrl+Shft+I – Add multiple image ads

As copyright and trademark symbols are main factors for protecting your brand identity, increasing authority and trustability, they should be placed in ad text to impress people’s attention and increase CTR. By using such shortcut methods would definitely help you to create, manage and optimize your account effectively and efficiently. Also such shortcut method would speed up your work and will help you to mange your time efficiently Please do share with us if you know more short cuts regarding Adwords editor and Adwords web interface. Visit our Pay Per Click Services

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