Best Ways to Improve Quality Score for PPC Campaigns

Best Ways to Improve Quality Score for PPC Campaigns


Pay-per-click campaigns are stealing the show ever since they marked their presence in the Internet industry exactly a decade ago. This web advertising model, also known as the Cost-per-click model, focuses on attracting traffic to the actual websites by advertising on other popular websites. The advertising company pays the hosting company every time the ad is clicked on. This campaign is generally based on keyword phrases that are pertinent to their own target market.
Google Quality Score
The success of a PPC campaign is vested with the kind of quality score your ad is rated with. This is an evaluation for analyzing the Pay Per Click advertisements. Quality score is given by the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc, based on the relevance of the ads, keywords or search terms and the landing page for the ultimate user who looks at your ad. Low quality score ends up in incurring huge expenditure on PPC campaigns than the actual returns from it. What are the best ways to improve quality score for your PPC campaigns? Let’s analyze:

1. Focus on your choice of keywords:

Relevant keyword is a vital part of the quality score evaluation. Make sure that you choose the best keywords that are relevant to your target group. Go through your individual analytics for creating an efficacious list of keywords.  This way, you can avoid the overlooking of important keywords and choosing the less-targeted ones that may pull down your advertising campaign and your quality score as well.  Perfect and highly efficient keywords can speak for you on the first place in the search engines.

2. Ad groups fine-tuning:

Generally PPC marketers craft a single ad group and overload it with numerous keywords, which make it really complicated and knotty for the search engines to identify and match the most appropriate combination of keyword, ad group and landing page. Say for example, you own a multi-cuisine restaurant with an extensive range of food items of various origins like American, Italian, French, Mexican and Asian. Instead of having all these keywords under a single ad group, you can set unique ad groups for each of the food types. If you have a separate ad group for ‘Asian delights’ you can have other relevant keywords like ‘Indian food varieties’, ‘Chinese dishes’ ‘Japanese recipes’ and ‘Thai assortments’ and this adds more value to your ad group and have the possibilities of getting high quality score for your PPC campaign in the search engines.

3. Quality content delivers the most:

Remember that the quality of your ad’s content is very essential and this creates a first impression amongst your target group. This is an influential attribute that persuades people either to click on your ad or just to neglect it. Make certain that you implement a user-engaging, focused and appropriate content with relevant keywords.

4. Effective landing page concerns:

Now your prospective customer has clicked on your ad with the appealing content and relevant keywords. He will automatically be directed to your landing page which can make or break his purchasing decision. Let your landing pages by crisp, clear, to-the-point and fueled with the most suitable keywords which the visitor is looking for. Ensure that you develop separate landing pages for each of your ad group and it will be more effective if you have separate links in your landing page for the related keywords in the same ad group. Let’s go with the same example of your ad group for ‘Asian delights’, when the user lands on the ‘Asian delights’ page, have separate links for ‘Indian food varieties’, ‘Chinese dishes’ ‘Japanese recipes’ and ‘Thai assortments’ that will take them to separate landing pages for each of the unique variety.

This makes your ads more effective, interesting and is a sure shot remedy for deriving the dream quality scores and augmented conversion rates.

There’s no use in crying over the spilt milk and with these successful ways and effective ad testing, you can improve your ad performance and your quality score for your pervasive PPC campaigns.

To improve your conversion rate and quality score, contact certified Adwords professionals for your Adwords campaign.

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