Business of Apps Lists Dot Com Infoway as Top ASO Service Providers

Business of Apps Lists Dot Com Infoway as Top ASO Service Providers


With over 5 million apps on Google and Apple app stores put together, vying for users’ attention, an app owner’s real battle starts after creating the app. Undoubtedly, most apps are designed with a lot of thought, care and expertise and are almost as good as the other app on the block, yet only a tiny percentage of the total apps on play stores break the million downloads barrier and actually turn their apps a profitable venture.

  • So, if most apps are designed somewhat similarly, why only a few get all the attention?

The reason is simple. Like any other product, apps, too, need a little push to get the eyeballs. Yes, you guessed it right. Without a good marketing plan, it is quite unlikely for your app to acquire any users.

However, this doesn’t mean that you pump in a lot of resources to flood the digital spectrum with ads of your app. Well, this may actually work till an extent, but once the marketing budgets dry up, your app’s ad campaigns will screech to a halt, along with your installs.

  • So, what is a sustainable way to better position your app over your competitors?

Organic promotion of your app, believe it or not, has the potential to swell your user base significantly. A report by TUNE, suggests that, on an average, as high as 90% of the app installs around the world are driven by organic promotions.

  • How is organic marketing for apps different from the inorganic marketing?

There are primarily two ways in which users can find an app. The first way to find an app is through search engines or social media or other app advertisements. The second way to spot an app is by doing a search within the play store. Promoting an app through the latter way comes under the organic marketing paradigm.

Top ASO Service Providers

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the tool to drive app promotions organically. Unsurprisingly, app owners are interested in hiring ASO experts with an aim to top play store listings. However, there is no knowing which individual or agency to trust when it comes to giving the best ROI by leveraging ASO.

Luckily, there are platforms such as ‘Business of Apps’ who are batting for app owners and helping them find the best ASO agencies in the business. This is achieved after a lot of evaluation and analysis.

Recently, Business of Apps has launched its latest list of top ASO service providers all across the globe. The list also features Dot Com Infoway, an award-winning, CMMI Level-3 digital company with several wins in the mobile app marketing space.

With its offices in India and North America, DCI has been in the business of mobile app development and marketing for nearly a decade now. The company offers a host of services related to mobile application promotions, and has garnered a huge clientele that continues to benefit from the DCI’s tailored ASO services.

With more apps swamping the play stores, there would be an increasing need for platforms such as Business of Apps to feature the A-listers in ASO services. There would also be the need for agencies like DCI to give the best returns to its clients by best leveraging ASO.

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